Niu Gensheng’s Profile

      Mr. Niu Gensheng is the founder and honorary president of Inner Mongolia Lao Niu Foundation(hereinafter referred to as “Lao Niu Foundation”)  and Mengniu Group as well as a co-founder of Yili Group. Mr. Niu currently serves as the Vice Chairman of China Charity Alliance, the Vice President of The Nature Conservancy (TNC) Great China Council .

      Mr. Niu has been honored as CCTV's “China Economic Person of the Year”, and he also been honored as the “Most Influential Entrepreneur of China” for five years in a row. He has also been presented China Charity Prize for three times, “the most caring individual donor”, China’s Lifetime Achievement Award, the Special Contribution Award for Philanthropy; TNC's renowned Oak Leaf Award in 2014, the Committee of 100’s Outstanding Prize for Philanthropy, and the “Compassion Award” of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Charitable Foundation. Mr. Niu was also elected into the “Top 10 of China Charity Leaders List” and the “Top 100 Most Influential People Engaged in China’s Philanthropy” for three times.

      Inner Mongolia Lao Niu Foundation was established in late 2004, which is committed to exploring paths of “modern Chinese family foundation”. Under his impact, his family members were all devote into philanthropy. Mr. Niu's children established their own Lao Niu Brother & Sister Foundation. The Niu Gensheng family was named “China Strategic Philanthropy Model.”  His son, Mr. Niu Ben was honored as “Top ten new generation of family philanthropy”, and Lao Niu Foundation was honored as “Top ten family Foundation”.

All the family members often come together to talk about the things about philanthropy

        Since 2006, Mr. Niu resigned from his positions as chairman and president of Mengniu Group successively, and turned from entrepreneur to philanthropist. His passion for giving back is shared by his families, who have been inspired to embrace their own philanthropic efforts. In 2015, Mr. Niu's children established their own Lao Niu Brother & Sister Foundation to expand their personal giving and engagement.