Caring for Pu’er Disaster Area, Ten Years as One Day

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11-08-2017  Lao Niu Foundation 


It is the tenth anniversary of “6.3 Pu’er Earthquake”, project officers Yang Jing and Cui Wei went to Yunnan and revisited the post-disaster reconstruction projects.



Visit school and learn about its development


On June 3, 2007, a 6.4-magnitude earthquake struck Pu’er City, Yunnan. The only several old earth-wood schoolhouses of the primary school of Xuande Village, Ning’er County, were seriously damaged, leaving nearly 300 teachers and students unable to continue their classes.


The school was seriously damaged in the earthquake


To support the recovery and reconstruction of the disaster-stricken areas, our foundation donated for the construction of “Gensheng Bo Ai Primary School Building” in Xuande Village, Ning’er County, providing a new school for this ethnic minority village mainly resided by Hani and Yi minorities.


Gensheng Bo Ai Primary School after Reconstruction


Despite the brand new campus, the cost of living and studying for children had become a household burden for most families under poverty with annual income of only a few thousand Yuan. After understanding this situation, our foundation added donation and set “Gensheng Bo Ai Scholarship and Subsidies” in 2009, and continued to subsidize poor students and reward outstanding students with the financing income of seed funds.


“Gensheng Bo Ai Scholarship and Subsidies” have cumulatively funded more than 400 students and considerably reduced the local dropout rates under poverty; and the local enrollment rate of school-age children in the project area has reached 100%.


In order to ensure sustainable development of the school, our foundation has also donated books and teaching network expense over the past 10 years, enriching children’s extra-curricular reading and giving them opportunities to broaden their horizons through the Internet.


Audio-Visual Education Room


Based on the continuous donation support of our foundation, the school has attracted more social attention. Most of the teaching and office facilities and equipments are donated by social charities and caring people; Hong Kong philanthropist Mr. Zeng Xianzi has donated a dormitory building for the school. The teaching facilities and environment of “Gensheng Bo Ai Primary School” are gradually improved with the help from all sectors of society.


The Present Gensheng Bo Ai Primary School


Gensheng Bo Ai Primary School now has are 8 teaching classes (including 1 preschool class), 333 students (225 minority ethnic students), and 19 faculty and staff members. With its teaching scale and quality have risen significantly, it has become the second biggest teaching place in Mengxian Township.


Our foundation’s support on the local was so much more than this. Mengxian River in Xuande Village is the only way for villagers to travel and children to go to school. In 2014, the bridge was destroyed due to floods, which seriously affected more than 3,000 local people’s traffic condition as well as over 50 “Gensheng Bo Ai Primary School” students to go to school.



The Former Bangzha Bridge in Xuande Village was Destroyed by Floods


To solve the difficulty of local transportation, our foundation donated funds to build Lao Niu Bridge (NO.64) in 2015, which completely improved the harsh traffic situation in Xuande Village and providing guarantee for local villagers and children’s safe travel. It has become the "happy bridge" for the local people.


Lao Niu Bridge NO.64 Has been Completed


Over the past decade, our foundation has donated more than 1.3 million RMB in total. And we have cooperated with Red Cross Society of Pu’er City to continue our philanthropic projects for local areas, including donation to school, poverty alleviation, disaster relief, etc. We would continuously provide charity to rural compulsory education and poverty-stricken areas.