Lao Niu and 22 Nonprofit Organizations Agreeto protect 1% Green Environment

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On November 24, the Alliance Conference on Social Welfare Natural Protected Area was held in Beijing. The alliance is jointly initiated by 23 nonprofit organizations, aiming at coordinating the construction of national ecological civilization, collecting the power of public welfare agencies, and expecting to help the country effectively protect1% of its land area by 2030.

This conference was organized byParadise Foundation, and releasedtwo reports including Development Observation of Social Welfare Natural Protected Area in ChinaandDefinitions and Criteria for Social Welfare Natural Protected Area.


More than 200 people from the government, enterprises, public welfare agencies, and front-line protection participated in the conference including Jack Ma and Pony Ma (Co-Chairmen of Paradise Foundation), Qian Xiaohua (President of SEE Conservation), Wang Yi (Deputy President of Institutes of Science and Development, CAS), Zhu Chunquan (IUCN Chief Representative in China), and An Yaqiang (Deputy Secretary-General of our foundation), etc.


The initiating 23 allianceinstitutions are SEE Foundation, Alibaba Foundation, Conservation International, Qiaonyu Foundation,The Nature Conservancy, WildlifeConservation Society, Heyi Institute, Mangrove Conservation Foundation, Lao Niu Foundation, BRC, GPAFS, Global Environmental Institute, Shanshui conservation Center, Shenzhen One Planet Foundation, International Union for Conservation of Nature, World Wild Fund for Nature, International Paradise Foundation, Tencent Foundation, Yintai Foundation, China Green Foundation,China Green Carbon Foundation, China Environmental Protection Foundation, and Friends of Nature.