Niu Gensheng, Lei Yongsheng, and Niu Ben Named China Philanthropic Person of the Year for Two Consec

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On December 13th, the 2017 China Philanthropic Annual Meeting with Together and Move Forward as its theme was held in the National Convention Center in Beijing. The meeting released the Top 10 Philanthropic News of 2017 and highly praised a group of excellent enterprises, persons, and journalists fighting in charity areas. They were the very representatives of Chinese philanthropic industry of the year.

Based on factors such as influences, continuities, reputations, and call-on powers, the meeting awarded specific persons with 2017 Philanthropic Person of the Year from various fields in academy, science, political area, business, art, and medicine. They not only achieve great goals in their own industries but also devote themselves into philanthropy via organizing or participating in philanthropic events with widely social effects. Niu Gensheng (Named for the third time), the founder and honorary president of our foundation, Lei Yongsheng (Named for three consecutive years), the executive director and secretary-general of our foundation, and Niu Ben (Named for two consecutive years), the director of our foundation and chairman of Beijing Lao Niu Brothers and Sisters Foundation were named 2017 Philanthropic Person of the Year along with Cao Dewang, Ren Zhiqiang, Wang Zhenyao, Xu Yongguang, Jin Jinping, and Liu Jing.

At the same time, 2017 Philanthropic Enterprise of the Year was named to Beijing Lao Niu Brothers and Sisters Foundation, CTBC Charity Foundation, Tencent Foundation, and Amway Charity Foundation.


The annual meeting was sponsored by 12 institutions including our foundation joining hands with China Philanthropy Times, China Charities Aid Foundation for Children, Tencent Foundation, Overseas Chinese Charity Foundation of China, China Children and Teenagers’ Fund, Heren Charitable Foundation, China Social Assistance Foundation, Transfar Charity Foundation, China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, Hefu Charity Foundation, and China Social Welfare Foundation. National School of Development of Peking University and Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business cosponsored the meeting.


As the representative of united sponsors, An Yaqiang, the vice secretary-general of our foundation, gave a keynote speech on the theme Aggregate Consensus and Move Forward, sharing philanthropic colleagues the 13-year philanthropic journey of explorations and experiments by Lao Niu Fundation.