[Reprint] Civil Affairs System Competency Demonstration Training Project Successfully Held in Guiyan

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Editor’s Note: At the beginning of 2015, our foundation allied Shenzhen One Foundation Charity Fund to carry out “Civil Affairs System Competency Demonstration Training” project to cultivate talents in the public welfare sector, enhance the competency of social organizations, and promote the development of social organizations’ administration services. Since the project was executed, we have attracted high attention and great support from China Social Organization Administration and civil affairs departments of various provinces, achieving extensive social impact. So far, this project has already carried out three phases of courses trainings in Inner Mongolia, Sichuan, Hunan, Heilongjiang, Guizhou and other provinces. There have been more than 500 registration administration personnel and business backbones with civil affairs system social organizations participating in the training activities. 

Recently, “Civil Affairs System Competency Demonstration Training” project (Phase III) jointly carried out by Lao Niu Foundation and Shenzhen One Foundation Charity Fund was successfully held in Guiyang, Guizhou Province. 

This training was organized by CGPI and undertaken by Guizhou Provincial Department of Civil Affairs. Experts and scholars from the field of public charity, business backbones with Shanghai Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, and leaders of China Social Organization Administration and Guizhou Provincial Department of Civil Affairs conducted in-depth and detailed explanation on the 19th CPC National Congress policies and Charity Law, effective governance and development of social organizations, registration and registration practice, third-party assessment of social organization, foreign-related activities of social organizations and other topics. More than 100 registration and administration personnel of civil affairs system social organizations in cities (prefectures) and districts (counties and cities) in Guizhou Province attended the training.

Wang Zhenyao, CGPI President, pointed out that with the advent of the era of “goodness economy”, social value led economic value and the development of public charities in our country was facing a series of structural challenges and new policy choices. He put forward requirements on social organization registration and administration personnel that he hoped that they would implement Charity Law to promote the development of social organization administration services and strengthen the ability of administration according to law as well as innovative ability. At the same time, Li Hong, Deputy Secretary General of Shenzhen One Foundation Charity Fund started from the perspective of social organizations participating in social governance to elaborate how social organizations could play their core value and role, cooperate with civil affairs departments in the process of providing public services, and enhance double governance of government and society.


In addition, Fei Jia from Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau gave a lecture on the exploration and thinking of Shanghai in the practice of policy innovation and registration administration practice; Zhao Hua, expert from Chinese social organization emphasized the important role of bylaws in effective governance of social organizations; and Ye Meng from China Philanthropy Research Institute, Beijing Normal University, Tao Chuanjin, member of evaluation team from the Ministry of Civil Affairs, and Luo Jun from China Social Organization Administration all participated in this registration and administration department training, and answered onsite students’ core questions in registration and administration.


After the course, all the trainees said that their ability to adapt to the new situation, new tasks and new requirements of civil affairs system registration and administration had been greatly improved, and their comprehensive knowledge reserve had been enhanced. CGPI would also continue to work with Lao Niu Foundation and Shenzhen One Foundation Charity Fund to select sites in other provinces to carry out this project (Phase III).