Establishment of New Board of Directors of Lao Niu Foundation

DATA:2018-03-08  Views:80

On the afternoon of March 5, our Foundation held the general election of Board of Directors in Hong Kong, electing the 4th Board of Directors (ranked by surname strokes): Ms. Wang Yonghong, Mr. Niu Ben, Mr. An Yaqiang, Mr. Zhang Hongyan, Mr. Shen Xia, Ms. Yang Yuhong, Mr. Li Lu, Ms. Sarentuoya, and Mr. Lei Yongsheng were elected as Directors and Mr. Han Shaojun as Supervisor; Mr. Lei Yongsheng was elected as President of Board, Ms. Yang Yuhong as Deputy President of Board, and Mr. An Yaqiang as Secretary-General.


Participants in the 1st Session of 4t Board of Directors deliberated and adopted 6 proposals including 2018 Secretariat Work Plan, 2018 Financial Budget Report, Audit Report on Statement of Financial Revenues in the Term of the 3rd Lao Niu Foundation Board of Directors, Bylaws Amendment, Lao Niu Foundation Investment Management System, and Nomination of Members of the 2nd Investment Committee of Lao Niu Foundation.