[Secretary-General’s News] Participation in the 3rd Session of 3rd One Foundation Board of Directors

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On February 5th, the 3rd Session of 3rd Shenzhen One Foundation Charity Fund Board of Directors was held in Shenzhen. The session was presided over by Chairman Ma Weihua; and Jet Li (Initiator and Director), Pony Ma (Deputy President of Board), Director Wang Shi, members of the Board of Supervisors and others attended the attended it. Mr. Lei Yongsheng, Executive Director and Secretary-General of our Foundation participated in this session on behalf of Mr. Niu Gensheng (Director of One Foundation) and as a member of One Foundation Development Committee.


Participants in the session deliberated and adopted 2017 Work Report, 2018 Work Plan, 2017 2017 Financial Report, and 2018 Annual Budget Report of One Foundation; Li Hong was elected as the Executive Secretary-General, and Li Jin would remain Director after retiring from Secretary-General; and the Board of Supervisors conducted a special work report.


During the session, Chairman Ma Weihua represented One Foundation to sign the first charitable trust project of over RMB 10 million since the establishment of One Foundation – “Chaoshan Mother Charity Fund” with Lin Xuming and Lin Xujun, aiming to explore a new charitable trust model.