2017-12-29 Lao Niu Foundation

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    2017-12-29  Lao Niu Foundation 

    On December 28, Secretary General Peng Yanni and Project Director Lai Zuofu of Narada Foundation visited our foundation. As the guest for the 8th Lao Niu Public Welfare Lecture, Secretary General Peng Yanni gave a sharing lecture on “How Foundation Can Effectively Achieve Its Mission”.


    Lecture Sharing by Secretary General Peng Yanni of Narada Foundation


        Lao Niu Public Welfare Lecture

        This sharing took Narada Foundation’s strategic planning and effective implementation as an example, and focused on the three strategic plans Narada had conducted to explain how to effectively guarantee the implementation of new strategy through the development and execution of strategic core projects, and how to integrate the organization’s operation and management mechanism to finally achieve the mission of Foundation.


     Q & A and Communication

       Representatives from nonprofit organizations including The Nature Conservancy (TNC), Inner Mongolia in the Line of Public Welfare, and Hohhot Social Poverty Alleviation and Promotion Committee actively participated in this activity, asked questions and exchanged ideas about institution development and problems they encountered with lively atmosphere on site.

Students of the 8th Lao Niu Public Welfare Lecture

                Secretary General Peng Yanni and Project Director Lai Zuofu of Narada Foundation Visited Our Foundation’s Public Welfare Projects