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        Explore the Kingdom of Fairy Tales: First Training Program for Preschool Teachers Sponsored by Lao Niu Foundation Successfully Launched in Denmark

        Step into the world of Andersen’s Fairy Tales – Lao Niu training program for preschool teachers, supported by our foundation’s donation of 2 million yuan, has successfully started in Denmark

        An Officer from Danish Ministry of Culture Gave A Speech


A Professor of the College Introduced Developments of Education in Denmark from A Historical Perspective.

Teachers Learned Preschool Education Methods in A Kindergarten.

        Trainees benefited a lot from the first training program.

    “This multi-week program makes me realize that teachers seem to always try to inspire our potentials and confidence.” said Teacher Lee, a trainee. “But if you look at it, it’s not like that they do this on purpose. Everything is so natural.”

    “My only regret is that I can’t have this experience with my students in China. ” Another trainee Teacher Guo said. “But I’ve learned a lot from teachers in Denmark and will for sure tell even more beautiful stories to my own students.”  

    “I was a real teacher before. But those teachers in Denmark really astonish me.” Said Teacher Zhang, another trainee. “Learning from Danish teachers in those days makes me feel ashamed for myself. Principles followed by Danish education is to respect children’s instincts, meaning inspiring their curiosities, imaginations, and adventurous spirits through playing. Their preschool educations have already reached a level where they make complicated things look easy and return true values to children’s original nature. ” 

From 2017 to 2018, Step into the world of Andersen’s Fairy Tales – Lao Niu training program for preschool teachers plans to launch another three training programs which will select 60 excellent preschool teachers nationwide and send them to learn and exchange ideas in Denmark Andersen International Normal College of Kids. The purpose is to, by learning Danish philosophies of preschool education, progressively impact and improve the education philosophies and methods used by preschool teachers in China to benefit more Chinese children.