1st “Charitable Trust Quarterly Forum” was Successfully Held in Beijing

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    11-16-2017 Lao Niu Foundation

    Forum Scene

        On November 11, the 1st “Charitable Trust Quarterly Forum” organized by Peking University Law School was held in Beijing.

        This forum was themed “Discussion on Charitable Trust with Trust Companies as Trustees” and covered two aspects including “case sharing and problem evaluation of charitable trusts” and “roles and functions of parties in charitable trusts”.

        More than 90 representatives from Peking University, Tsinghua University Education Foundation, China Charity Alliance, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Chang’an Trust and other institutions participated in this forum. Cheng Huitian, Head of Department of Legal Affairs of our foundation, participated in the discussion as a funder representative.


Cheng Huitian, Head of Department of Legal Affairs, participated in the discussion of this forum

    Jin Jinping, Director of the Center for NPOs law of Peking University, presided over a roundtable discussion

        Project Introduction

        In 2017, our foundation funded to collaborate with the Center for NPOs law of Peking University on “Research on Charitable Trusts”.

        On one hand, this project conducts case studies of domestic practice of charitable trust based on the domestic facts, analyzes its structure and summarizes the legal issues; on the other hand, it conducts a comparative study by acquiring practice and legal system of overseas charitable trust system to provide reference for the development and improvement of domestic charitable trust system.

        Through the study of this new type of charity - charity trust, we can promote the application and popularization of charitable trust in China and promote the participation of social strengths in philanthropy.