Let Your Dream Fly – Inspiration from the Rural Teachers Participating in “Lao Niu • Love-Flying” Tr

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        11-24-2017  Yang Jing  Project Department   Lao Niu Foundation

        Since August 2016, a total of 286 rural teachers from Ulanqab, Baotou, Chifeng and other cities in Inner Mongolia have participated in Lao Niu •Love-Flying Rural Teachers Training.

        Recently, Zheng Jingru, Project Officer of our foundation, Li Chao, Project Director of Beijing Yongyuan Public Foundation, and other people conducted a project return visit to Chayouzhong  Banner, Ulanqab. They had communication with 14 trained rural teachers in 6 schools, thoroughly understood their inspiration and changes after training and their suggestions for the project.

        Discussion with Lao Niu • Love-Flying trainees in Wusutu Center School  in Chayouzhong Banner

Communication with Lao Niu • Love-Flying trainees in Huangyangcheng Center School in Chayouzhong Banner

Teaching scene of rural teachers in Tieshagai Center School in Chayouzhong Banner

        In the past two years, the accomplishments of Lao Niu •Love-Flying Rural Teachers Training project have benefited more than 1,000 teachers in the same schools or same schooling districts, influencing about 10,000 students.

        Through this project, we hope we can influence a school by improving a rural teacher, and eventually help a group of children to let their dreams fly!