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Original   2018-03-15 GPL Project Department  Global Philanthropy Leaders Program  

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“No philanthropy, no business” - fortune flowing to philanthropy and social value leading commercial value have become a trend. Business and philanthropy will not go against each other but to meet each other halfway and finally integrate into one. Philanthropy and fortune will surely create new wealth growth. It is already Goodness Economic Era.

GPL Global Philanthropy Leaders Program,

created by


Is the world’s first international philanthropy

Learning program

That accompanies the world’s top business and philanthropy family leaders,

And thoroughly connects “philanthropy + business”

Global resources

GPL Mentors


Bill Gates

        “I am excited about the charitable activities that the GPL students have done. I am also very pleased with the establishment of China Philanthropy Initiative! Congratulations on your achievements in philanthropy.”


Ray Dalio

        “When my son and I first came to China for philanthropy, capital was the main demand. But with the development of China, capital is no longer lacking. The problem now is to understand how to make better use of donations to make it play a greater role. This is the purpose of our joint donation to establish CGPI.”


Niu Gensheng

        “I hope CGPI will become a cradle for the training of philanthropy professionals, a platform for international philanthropy exchanges, and a window for the exhibition of philanthropy in China.”


Ma Weihua

        “As the first international philanthropy institute established by Chinese and American philanthropists in China, CGPI uses modern philanthropy knowledge system as its foundation. Its morphological structure includes theoretical mentors, practical mentors, and training bases. Philanthropy requires talents. moreover, professional talents. Apart from training philanthropy leaders and public welfare executives, we also have an important mission - to popularize philanthropy education to the whole society. This is undoubtedly the responsibility.”


Wang Zhenyao

        “At the present stage of development in China, the transformation of knowledge production methods is of special importance. Only actionable and long-chain knowledge can truly help control the development of the times. The overall development of philanthropy in China needs to integrate into the world in an open pattern. Philanthropy education requires the support of a modern philanthropy knowledge system, and we should establish a modern philanthropy knowledge system with both international perspectives and Chinese traditions.”

GPL course orientation

The world’s first international philanthropy learning program

        The world’s first international, leading, and experiential learning program targeting China’s high networth individuals, aiming to deeply expand the social value of emerging wealth groups and achieve the inheritance of wealth values.

Accompanying the world’s top business and philanthropy family leaders

        Bringing together the highest wisdom of the world’s top philanthropists such as Bill Gates, Rockefeller Family, Warren Buffett, and Zuckerberg, etc. to set up a mission-based, action-oriented philanthropy exchange and cooperation platform and learn how to raise and donate funds.

Thoroughly connecting “philanthropy + business” global resources

        Relying on the world’s top institutions such as Harvard University, Rockefeller Family, the Royal Botanic Gardens, and Moroccan Royal Family, etc. to listen to the lectures of the world’s top commercial philanthropy leaders, participate in thorough discussion with mentors, and dock global cooperation projects.

Sharing the project resources of the world’s top philanthropists

        In-depth participation in the East-West Philanthropy Forum and its special summit. Enjoying a resource platform for interactive learning and cooperation with the world’s top philanthropists, and participation in the Giving Pledge initiated by Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and others.

                                                        Dong Fangjun                                  You Zhonghui

(GPL students Mr. Dong Fangjun and Ms. You Zhonghui participated in Giving Pledge)

At present, students have cooperated with international philanthropy or charity organizations in the United States, Britain, France, Japan, India, and Monaco, etc.

Building an internal-open interactive resource docking platform

Joining China Philanthropy Initiative (CPI), enjoying the best domestic and international philanthropy resources docking platform, cooperation in carrying out good economic public welfare projects, and regular organization of field project visits and experience sharing and exchange activities.

Two-year program with curriculum including major courses, minor courses, practical courses, and graduation planning.

GPL curriculum

Major courses

Philanthropy Leadership

(6 days in April)

Going to Harvard University, the world’s highest educational institution

Studying Business and Philanthropy Leadership


Family Philanthropy and Family Legacy

(5 days in May)

Accompanying the world’s First Family - Rockefeller Family


Social Finance and Social Innovation 

(7 days in October)

Studying the world Social Finance Capital - London, UK

Grasping the fields of social influence

Frontier Trend


Philanthropic Humanity and Traditional Culture

(2 days from March 31 to April 1)

In the humanistic atmosphere of

The Palace Museum and Tzu Chi Foundation Beijing Jingsi Academy 

Studying traditional culture and humanistic essence

Leading future business

Inspiring innovation and sustainable growth


Minor courses 

Arts Philanthropy and Social Service

(7 days in July)

Studying the Holy Land of Art Revitalizing Village in the world - Naoshima, Japan


Nature Conservation and Sustainable Development

(5 days in July)

Going to the hinterland of Africa - South Africa

Commemorating the 100th Birthday of Mandela with Obama

Seeking for sustainable development opportunities


Practical courses 

In Hawaii, the United States

In-depth participation in East-West Philanthropists Summit

(3 days in January)

Communication with world philanthropists

Joint operations


Group Photo of GPL Students

(CPI was established under the witness of GPL Mentor Bill Gates)

        99% of the students come from business sectors as the founder, chairman or executive officer of their institutions.

        80% of the students have established charitable foundations or set up charitable funds, serving as dual founder and leader of business institution and charitable organization and having dual leadership in business and philanthropy.

        100% of the students have started, initiated or participated in completing at least 1 public welfare project.

Major cooperation promoted by GPL

        1. Become a Chinese Incubator for Giving Pledge

        At the beginning of 2017, the CGPI GPL program has incubated two “Giving Pledge” participants from the Chinese mainland - You Zhonghui and Dong Fangjun; there will be more and more GPL students joining “Giving Pledge”.

        2. Emerging philanthropists are actively involved in public welfare activities through GPL platform 

Student He Qiaonyu has cooperated with Oxford University WildCRU, the world’s top wildlife protection agency, and Panthera to pledge $1.5 billion to support biodiversity conservation and explore sustainable development in the field of biological protection.

Student Dong Fangjun has allied with Japanese philanthropist Mr. Soichiro Fukutake to cooperate with Paul Andreu from France and other world-class artists and architects for the “Art Revitalizing Village” project in Taohua Island, Shandong, exploring the development model of combining public welfare with art and business with public welfare.

Student You Zhonghui focuses on “Village Kindergarten” program and has participated in donations on September 9 Giving Day, promoting the development of education industry.

Students Li Xiaobo, Xi Zhiyong, Li Yue and other philanthropists have respectively donated more than RMB 60 million in public welfare finance, public welfare culture, pension and welfare services and children’s hematological diseases. They have also actively participated in online public welfare activities to explore the integration and development of their business sectors and public welfare.

Student Dong Fangjun has joined the Gates Foundation’s AIDS Prevention Project in Daliangshan, Sichuan Province. With China’s first ambassador - Ambassador Peng Liyuan, he also tries to combine the medical expertise of the world’s leading charities to solve social problems in poor areas.

Student Xi Zhiyong has set up China-India Charitable Fund  to help poor Indian students study in China, innovate the project model of pension industry, and seek new growth points for the project. The project has been highly praised and recognized by Shanghai Municipal Government, becoming a model for friendly cooperation between China and India.

        3. Students initiate and invest in impact investment funds to help with win-win social value and commercial value

        Students have successively initiated Joint Fund for Sustainable Development and Athena Charity Venture Capital Fund, committed to promoting the solution of many social issues through charity venture capital and impact investment.

GPL Teachers from All over the World


Look forward to your participation

To undertake the wealth mission in Goodness Economic Era!

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