Founding Family Visited Japan for Charity Exchange

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2018-04-02 Lao Niu Foundation  

On March 27th to 28th, members of Niu family including Shen Shuxiang, Niu Ben, and Niu Qiong, and Wang Yonghong, Deputy President of our Foundation, went to Japan for charity exchange studies with focus on the investigation of Benesse’s pension program. They visited Granda Sakurashimmachi (Benesse Nursing Home for Seniors, Benesse Sakurashimmachi Nursery School, Benesse Elementary School Sakurashimmachi) and ARIA 松涛 (Nursing Home). 

Visiting Granda Sakurashimmachi, etc.

During the luncheon on 28th, they exchanged and shared opinions about charity with Soichiro Fukutake, President of Fukutake Foundation and former CEO of Benesse Holdings.