Implementation of Lao Niu Kindergarten Teachers Development Project (Phase II) in Denmark

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Denmark has only a population of 5.6 million, but has achieved 13 Nobel Laureates; the quality of citizens is relatively high, and the country has won the honor of “the happiest country in the world”. Behind these seemingly inconceivable phenomena, there are rational and humanistic education philosophy and methods.


Statue of Andersen

From March 11 to 25, more than 20 teachers from China participated in Lao Niu Kindergarten Teachers Development Project (Phase II). They went to International Kindergarten College in Denmark to experience Danish history, culture and education concepts, and learn how to integrate good education concepts into children’s daily life through specific methods.


Visited the bronze statue of Mermaid and entered the world of fairy tales from Andersen


Mr. Larson, former spokesperson and Minister Assistant of Danish Ministry of Culture, introduced Danish culture

Experienced musical imagination lessons at Klemens Kindergarten

 “Entering Andersen's fairy tale world - Lao Niu Kindergarten Teachers Development Project” has received 2 million yuan donation from our Foundation, and plans 3 phases of training from 2017 to 2018. The project will select more than 60 outstanding kindergarten teachers nationwide to go to International Kindergarten College fore training, aiming to learn excellent preschool education concept in Denmark to gradually influence and enhance the teaching philosophy and methods of Chinese kindergarten teachers in order to benefit more Chinese children.