April is Vigorous Because of Them!

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April again with sunny spring,


Everything grows,


With spring fragrance in the air,


This April is,


More vigorous because of them!


Standing straight helps seeing farther, let me enjoy the spring.


Everything grows in April, 1, 2, 3, let’s grow!


A spring shower nourishes the earth to burst it with vitality!


Saying goodbye to winter, I’m happy like a 100-kilo child.

Exactly, I’m so happy that I would like to sing to you!

After hibernation, I’ll surely seize the time to climb a tree to do some exercise!

Incapability of climbing a tree is not acceptable to bears!

Here’s a flower for you!

I would like to send you a flower, too, but the bees seem to like this one as well! 

No one sends me flowers, I could only come out acting cute.

Have a photo with spring  make sure I look cool!

Of course, spring is the time when you take pictures in beautiful clothes!

Vigor shows on the water and underwater  it seems that this pelecanus can enjoy a good meal.

Dizziness in spring and fatigue in autumn is a natural law.

That’s right, I raise both my hands and feet to agree!