[President’s News] Participation in “Ocean Protective Action”

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On April 5 and 6, New York time, Lei Yongsheng, President of our Foundation, participated in the Ocean Protective Action” held in American Museum of Natural History in New York together with Ellen V. Futter, Curator of American Museum of Natural History, Marc Dalio, Founder and Creative Director of Ocean X, and Wang Zhenyao, President of CGPI, upon invitation of Ray Dalio, Founder and Chairman of Bridgewater Associates.


Site of Marine Protective Action 


Lei Yongsheng, President of our Foundation, participated in the event


Marine environment is an important part of mankind’s survival and development. Covering 71% of the earth’s surface, it is the main source of freshwater runoff on the land, regulating global temperature and precipitation, and containing abundant food and energy resources.


However, increasing threats such as overfishing and climate change are putting pressure on the oceans. Uncontrolled pollution and predatory development have seriously damaged the marine environment that we share, and impaired its ability to maintain marine life, and will ultimately endanger our own well-being. We have not taken sufficient and effective measures to alleviate this problem. The amount of marine protected areas is seriously insufficient, and there lacks means of protection, and the marine ecological health is deteriorating with each passing day.


The event focused on the challenges and opportunities of marine conservation for communication, and took this as an opportunity to build a more comprehensive, more extensive and more professional platform in future to integrate global marine conservation forces and resources to guide and promote the creation of marine conservation awareness and actions of global philanthropists and government resources; it would also provide a clearer action plan for the formulation and promotion of further marine conservation plan, leading and achieving the new global marine conservation pattern.