Annual Summit of China Green Companies 2018: Jack Ma and Other Famous Entrepreneurs Anticipated the

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2018-04-19  Lao Niu Foundation 

April 22 to 24, 2018


Annual Summit of China Green Companies, Tianjin, China

From April 22 to 24, 2018, the 11th Annual Summit China Green Companies will be held in Binhai New Area, Tianjin with the theme of  Smart Business Age: High Quality Development and Value Creation”. Jack Ma, Chairman of China Entrepreneur Club, will attend the summit together with 50 members of the Club; and nearly one thousand entrepreneurial guests from various industries will participate in this innovative event.


This year’s Annual Summit China Green Companies consists of seven thematic modules: “Smart Business Age,” “Globalization,” “Artificial Intelligence,” “Talents and Organizations,” “New Retail,” “Internet of Things,” and “Main Links of Influence of Investment”. 30 speakers from top companies, universities, and governments will conduct continuous sharing.1525253992161799.jpg

Speakers from top companies, universities, and governments will conduct continuous sharing.

 Compared with the previous traditional forum model, this year’s Annual Summit China Green Companies derive its theme and 7 modules from nearly 40 hours of interviews with 80 top Chinese entrepreneurs. It is better to regard these top entrepreneurs rather than the organizer as planners for this year’s Annual Summit of China Green Companies.


After tens of rounds of teleconferences, companies’ most concerned business issues and reflections on future trends have both been included in the agenda of the Annual Summit of China Green Companies 2018. “We focus more on solving real problems in corporate development rather than just making anxiety,” said Cheng Hong, Secretary-General of China Entrepreneur Club.


The topics for discussion at the summit are very seasonable issues that need to be solved urgently in the current society. Among these, emerging technologies such as “AI” will also have a good application solution.


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At present, many large-scale conferences have achieved “zero carbon emissions” such as “2010 UN Climate Change Conference in Tianjin”, “2014 APEC Conference”, “2016 G20 Hangzhou Summit” and “Annual Summit of China Green Companies” for 8 consecutive years. Under the initiative of Chinese Entrepreneur Club, Lao Niu Foundation has accumulatively donated a total of 1.68 million yuan to build 456 mu of carbon-neutral forests in Horinger, Inner Mongolia through China Green Carbon Foundation, offsetting 1,204 tons of carbon emissions of Annual Summit of China Green Companies for 8 consecutive years, achieving “summit with zero carbon emissions”. However, there is still a long way to achieve the goal of “peak of carbon emissions in China by 2030”.


To this end, we call for more organizations to join in the “low-carbon, energy-saving, and emission-reduction” actions to create carbon sequestration forests through practical actions, “neutralize” the carbon emissions resulted from transportation, accommodation, diet, and electricity use to achieve a “summit with zero carbon emissions” and contribute to the construction of a modern home of harmony between man and nature.