“I can see” – Light Brightness with Love

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an you imagine:

If you lost brightness in your life,

Could no longer see the blue sky,

Neither enjoy changing seasons,

Nor gaze at the beloved ones.

Would you appreciate the time that “you could see”,

And the brightness owned by thee?

      If one loses brightness in his or her life, even the easiest tiny things in daily life will become very difficult. Brightness, although sounds normal, will bring a serious blow to life once lost. 

      Uncle Zhao, who lives in Harqin Village, Haoqinying Town, Hohhot City, is over 60 years old, and his ancestors were all peasants. His child has no work to do, and the whole family lives a difficult life on basic living allowance. Three years ago, the old man suffered from cataracts; and things became more and more obscure for him with gradually declining visual acuity, causing much inconvenience in daily life and growing burden on family members. Their difficult life became worse.


       To help these poor cataract patients accurately, Lao Niu Foundation initiated “Walking Towards Brightness” public welfare activity together with Red Cross Society of China Inner and Mongolia Branch, Society for Promotion of the Guangcai Program, and Foundation for Poverty Alleviation to carry out treatment for patients with cataracts (Phase II), having brought brightness to 15,840 poverty-striken cataract patients in the region in 3 years (from 2015 to 2017) to help them to see again and regain ability to work and self-care to completely free from difficult life.

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“My parents gave me my sight for the first time,Walking Towards Brightness’ gave me brightness for the second time…”


     What the beneficiary said revealed joy of seeing things again and sincere appreciation of “Walking Towards Brightness”.


     “Walking Towards Brightness” has brought good news to poverty-striken cataract patients, and “I can see” has lit more brightness with love!