Lao Niu Courier Route in Ancient Towns: the Road of Happiness for Lushan People

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“Hold a candle, to

Light up Lushan’s beauty. 

Give true great love, to

Have aid go all the way.

With great love, we seek

For life in danger…

With great love like water, we have

Reconstruction to build wonder.

Great love is like water,

Changing appreciation into rain.

Great love is like water,

Nurturing the beauty of home.

Great love is like water,

With memories of both joy and pain.”

     On the 20th, a public interest song Great Love like Water with duration of 4 minutes and 20 seconds was formally introduced to the public, singing the people’s appreciation.

     April 20 is the fifth anniversary of Lushan earthquake. On this day five years ago, when people were still in the sleep on Saturday morning, an earthquake with magnitude of 7.0 occurred in Lushan County, Ya’an City, Sichuan Province. Many rural houses, roads, ditches and other facilities were seriously damaged; and many people lost their homes and families. 196 people were killed, along with the grief of all people.

    “A place with difficulties will have support from all sides” highlights the great love of the nation. In order to achieve post-disaster reconstruction and improve the infrastructures in the disaster-stricken area, Lao Niu Foundation donated 10 million yuan to support the construction and industrial development of Feixian Village, and support the first-phase road construction and lighting project, pipeline project, greening project and other facilities construction in Feixianguan and Beichang.


      The road surrounds Gudaomuyun and Qingqiangshuizhai residential settlements with public supporting service facilities and tourism service facilities, and connects two major economic traffic arteries of G351 and S210, greatly promoting industry development, transportation network construction, and rural revitalization in Feixianguan Town.



     After 5 years, the disaster-stricken area has taken on a new look. The construction of a new settlement in Feixian Village of Lushan County has made Lushan people’s new home more beautiful. Lao Niu courier route in ancient towns will accompany them to happiness and light.