Lao Niu Public Welfare Lecture | Talk about Brand Communication

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2018-04-26  Lao Niu Foundation 



On April 25, Wu Ping, Founder and General Manager of Inspiring NPO, shared on “how public interest organizations should do brand communication” as the guest speaker of the 9th Lao Niu Public Welfare Lecture.


Wu Ping focused on “brand planning, brand communication, brand management” and other aspects, and used cases to share how public interest organizations should do brand conduct brand positioning and how to tailor their own brand communication plan; she also provided guidance for public interest organizations’ brand promotion through the analysis of the industry.


Representatives from Inner Mongolia in the Line of Public Welfare, Inner Mongolia Youth Social Work Service Center, Hohhot Children’s Discovery Museum, Hohhot Shifangyuan, Ejin Horo Banner Social Workers Association and many other organizations attended this lecture, and focused on the public welfare topics of their concerns for discussion.


After the lecture, Wu Ping and her team also visited our Foundation’s projects including Hohhot Children’s Discovery Museum, Inner Mongolia Shengle International Ecological Demonstration Plot, and the Affiliated Shengle Experimental School to the Inner Mongolia Normal University, etc.