Lao Niu Foundation Undertook “Afforesting the Nation with Low-Carbon Activities – the Regional Commu

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2018-04-17  Lao Niu Foundation 


On April 14, “Afforesting the Nation with Low-Carbon Activities – the Regional Communist Youth League’s ‘Mother River Protection’ as ‘He Xiao Qing’ Youth Volunteer Activity Opening Ceremony” organized by Communist Youth League Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Committee and China Green Carbon Foundation, etc. and undertaken by Hesheng (Inner Mongolia) Ecological Silviculture Co., Ltd., The Nature Conservancy (TNC), Inner Mongolia Zhiqu Public Welfare Association and other organizations was held in Horinger New District. Nearly 2,000 people from Party and government offices, social organizations, universities, and youth social organizations participated in the tree planting activity.


Site of Activity


Du Yongsheng, President of China Green Carbon Foundation, Liu Xiaoyu, member of Party Group of Youth League Committee of the autonomous region, Dong Shuhua, Deputy Inspector of Forestry Department of the autonomous region, Wang Weilian, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of Hohhot Peoples Congress and Secretary of Horinger County Party Committee, Kang Hong, Director of Foreign Cooperation Office of Autonomous Region Forestry Department, Aliya, Head of Inner Mongolia Social Work and Volunteer Guidance Center, Ma Kai, President of Inner Mongolia Morning Post, Jia Jianping, Head of Environmental Protection and Comprehensive Law Enforcement Section of Horinger New Area Management Committee of Inner Mongolia, Zhao Quansheng, Chairman of the Board and President of Hesheng (Inner Mongolia) Ecological Silviculture Co., Ltd., Lin Kuocheng, Director of The Nature Conservancy Inner Mongolia Project Office, An Yaqiang, Secretary-General of Lao Niu Foundation, and Cao Zhaogang, CEO of Shuhai Technology - Calling Forest, etc. attended the opening ceremony and delivered speeches.


By undertaking this activity, we call for more organizations to join in the “low-carbon, energy-saving, and emission-reduction” actions to create carbon sequestration forests through practical actions, “neutralize” the carbon emissions resulted from water and electricity use as well as transportation, etc. of daily work to achieve “low-carbon and environmentally friendly office work with zero carbon emissions” and contribute to “building ecological civilization”.


Team members and volunteers planted trees together


Little Volunteers


Lao Niu Foundation “Office Work with Zero Carbon Emissions” Carbon Sequestration Forest