2018 Laoniu B&S Foundation Community Hero • Walk for Love (Beijing Station) Starts Registration

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    On May 25th, the press conference of 2018 Laoniu B&S Foundation Community Hero • Walk for Love (Beijing Railway Station) was held in the Yuan’en Space of Yuan’ensi Hutong in Beijing, the birthplace of Hope Project; and the activity officially started registration and will be officially held on Juyongguan Great Wall on June 30.


        Leaders and guests attending this press conference included Wei Shuqing, Full-Time Deputy Secretary of CCTV 12, Niu Ben, Chairman of Laoniu B&S Foundation, Guo Pengwei, Vice Chairman of China Association of National Parks and Science Sites, Wang Ying, Deputy Director of Ming Tombs Office, and Yang Tuan, Deputy Secretary General of China Lingshan Council for the Promotion of Philanthropy. After the introduction of Community Hero and this activity, the activity officially started with open registration channel.


Niu Ben, Chairman of Laoniu B&S Foundation, delivered a speech

        This activity requires participants to donate certain love start-up funds, raise funds for designated charity projects, and complete a walking challenge. Community Hero • Walk for Love (Beijing Railway Station) has 2 quality charitable projects for fundraising: one is fundraising for the theme “Community Hero” – this is developed based on CCTV 12 “Community Hero” program, having founded Heroes Charity Fund to support ordinary heroes who come from the grassroots and appear on CCTV stage after a series of selection; the other is “Enlightening Art of Love” project initiated and implemented by Sun Future Foundation – this project focuses on primary and middle schools that lack education resources or art observation and aesthetic education activities set up all year round in communities to regularly organize children and adolescents to enter world-class theaters, art galleries, and museums for outstanding music, dance, drama, and art exhibitions, broadening their horizon and encouraging them to use urban public cultural settings to increase knowledge, enlighten aesthetics, and cultivate sentiments.


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