Explore the Kingdom of Fairy Tales | Lao Niu Kindergarten Teachers Development Project Phase III was Implemented in Denmark

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       Denmark, a fairytale kingdom and backyard garden of Europe, is one of the countries with the highest gross national happiness in the world. Children cultivate rich imagination and creativity through “play”. Danes have a saying that “we have neither minerals nor oil, and all our resources are our brains”.

      On May 14th, more than 20 trainees from Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Shandong, Shanxi, and Inner Mongolia, etc. participated in Phase III training of Lao Niu Kindergarten Teachers Development Project to learn and explore Danish preschool education ideas and methods through on-site visits and practical activities.


Ms. Lisa Van shared her ideas


Experienced music imagination course in Klemens Kindergarten

         Among the visited schools, Sletten Skole Primary School impressed the trainees the most. This school includes Grades 0 to 9 (Grade 0 is transition grade from kindergarten to primary school), equivalently primary school and middle school in China. At present, this school has 831 students. According to Deputy president Anders’ introduction, students of junior grades (Grade 0 to 6) get together to sing in the morning at first, this could help children to adapt to the atmosphere on one hand, and teachers can basically understand children’s mental state today from the singing on the other hand. And students can also have short communication with each other by greeting.


Visited a Grade 5 class in Sletten Skole School

       In addition, the school also conducts woodworking, sewing, and cooking classes twice a week with two sections each time. Students are divided into three groups according to their grades and change every three months. These courses run through the entire primary school period.



Visit Grade 6 Woodworking and Cooking Courses, etc. in Sletten Skole School

        Through these courses, students can learn basic living skills and feel true life via practice. And courses like these are those that must be arranged in all Danish primary schools.

       So far, Lao Niu Kindergarten Teachers Development Project has already held two phases successfully (Phase III in process), helping nearly 40 kindergarten teachers and educators from over 10 provinces and cities including Beijing, Shenzhen, Xi’an, Sichuan, Nanjing, Gansu, and Shanxi to visit Denmark the kingdom of fairy tales and experience fairytale training.