Research on Charitable Trust Project | 2nd Quarterly Forum was Held in Beijing

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       On May 5, the 2nd Charitable Trust Quarterly Forum was held in Beijing. Jin Jinping, Director of the Center for NPOs Law of Peking University, Ma Jianyin, Associate Professor with Beijing Normal University Law School, Cai Gaihuan, Chairman of China Charity Alliance Charity Trust Committee, Yang Liping, Head of Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau Charity Work Office, and Cheng Huitian, head of Legal Department of our Foundation, participated in this forum.


Jin Jinping presided over this forum.

       The Forum issued Charitable Trust Practice Observation Report and held a lively discussion about “the main problems and countermeasures in the development of charitable trust”.


Ma Jianyin issued and analyzed Charitable Trust Practice Observation Report


Cheng Huitian, head of Legal Department of our Foundation, participated in the forum discussion

       “Charitable Trust” is a trust model that uses trust mechanism to carry out charitable activities or is set up for charitable purposes. This report is an observation report on the practice of charitable trust in the past two years written by the research group of the Center for NPOs Law of Peking University after investigation, observation and analysis for one year in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shenzhen and other cities. It includes the basic conditions of charitable trust practice, basic characteristics of charitable trust practice, basic model of charitable trust practice, problems and challenges faced by charitable trust practice, and future prospects of charitable trust practice.

        Since Charity Law was formally implemented on September 1, 2016, by the end of April 2018, the civil affairs department has put a total of 83 charitable trusts on records. The total scale of the charitable trust assets is nearly RMB 960 million yuan, covering poverty alleviation, help for vulnerable groups, education, environmental protection, disaster relief and other fields.

          In 2017, our Foundation cooperated with the Center for NPOs Law of Peking University and donated to support the “Research Project of Charitable Trust”, aiming to promote the application and popularization of charitable trust in China as well as participation of social forces in charity through the study of new models of charitable trust.