Knowledge Tip | June 9 International Archives Day

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Knowledge Tip | June 9 International Archives Day


Department of Personnel & Archives  Cui Wei  Lao Niu Foundation  1 week ago


June 9 is both the 11th International Archives Day and the 70th anniversary of International Council on Archives (ICA). At this time, let us take a look at the historical “archives” of ICA and International Archives Day.


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From the historical information of ICA, its predecessor is Permanent Consultative Committee on Archives established in 1931, and the first International Guide on Archives was published in 1934.


From June 9 to 11, 1948, UNESCO in Paris held an expert meeting. Archivists from many countries participated for exchanges, and determine after discussion to establish ICA. At the meeting, the first ICA bylaw was approved, pointing out that archivists from all countries should work together to promote the management and use of records and archives, and the preservation of the archival heritage of humanity around the world[C1]; archives and documents, as heritage shared by the world, has the same identity as all humans[C2].


On August 21, 1950, the 1st International Council on Archives was held in Paris, and ICA was officially established with headquarters in Paris. As a non-governmental professional international organization on archives, ICA aims to promote the development of archival science, protect human archives heritage from damage, and encourage people to use and study archives through international cooperation.


China formally applied to ICA in 1980, and was accepted as a Category A member. Now 152 countries and regions have joined this organization.


International Archives Day


In November 2007, in order to celebrate ICA’s 60th anniversary on June 9, 2008, all ICA members voted in the annual meeting in Quebec, Canada to designate June 9 every year as International Archives Day.


In 2013, the State Archives Administration of the People’s Republic of China decided to take June 9 every year, namely “International Archives Day”, as the publicity day for archives offices from then on.