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From business to philanthropy



On July 16 and 17, 2018, the learning and visiting mission activity of Guiyang Seiwajyuku, sponsored by Laoniu Brothers & Sisters Foundation and co-organized by Lao Niu Foundation, kicked off in Horinger, Inner Mongolia. Over 30 young entrepreneurs started a journey of learning and visiting regarding business and philanthropy in Inner Mongolia.


Visit the public welfare project of Lao Niu Foundation:

Inner Mongolia Shengle International Ecological Restoration Area project

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From barren mountains with only one 100-year old apricot tree standing alone to an eyeful of green today, 40,000-mu vegetations with severely degraded loess hill have been successfully restored. The old apricot tree witnessed the dramatic changes of this land, as well as the story in which people guard their green dreams.


This is a project of ecological remediation and protection launched by Lao Niu Foundation in Horinger, Inner Mongolia in cooperation with The Nature Conservancy (TNC) from the United States, China Green Carbon Foundation and Department of Forestry of Inner Mongolia; the project will invest hundreds of millions and spend decades of time to conduct exploration and demonstration of ecological remediation from four perspectives, i.e. acclimation, vegetation recovery, water resource management and green industry. Currently, the project has turned nearly 40,000-mu Barren Mountain into green land.

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Walk into Mengniu

Learn about Mr. Niu Gensheng’s cause in the first half of his life

Under the direction of Lu Jianjun, responsible person of the Administration Center of the Ice Business Division of Mengniu Group, the visiting mission looked around Mengnius modernized scenic area for production and living and had an informal discussion with senior staff from Mengniu on the enterprise culture and strategic planning for the brand development of Mengniu.

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After learning about Mengniu, we are more aware that the culture of an enterprise is more than a slogan carved on the wall, but a kind of spirit that goes deep into the heart of every employee. It is this kind of spirit that brings everyone in the team closely together!

                                               -- Inspiration of member in the visiting mission from visiting Mengniu

Forum: the wisdom and inheritance from business to philanthropy


In the afternoon of July 16, a discussion on business and philanthropy began in Mengshu. Lei Yongsheng, Director General of Lao Niu Foundation, Niu Ben, Director General of Laoniu Brothers & Sisters Foundation, Zhao Quansheng, Chairman and President of Inner Mongolia Hesheng Ecological Afforestation Co., LTD., Tie Ying, Vice-president of Mengshu, Yue Zhezhou, President of Century Forever Group and over 30 young entrepreneurs from Seiwajyuku learning and visiting mission participated in the discussion together.


By Tie Ying, Vice-president of Mengshu

Sharing on the theme “Ecological Mengshu Builds a Beautiful China”

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By Niu Ben, Director General of Laoniu Brothers & Sisters Foundation

Sharing on the theme “Growing Laoniu Brothers & Sisters Foundation”

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Lei Yongsheng, Director General of Laoniu Foundation, introduced the philanthropy history of the Niu Family

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Interaction and Q&A

Inspirations from Seiwajyuku trainees

We should overthrow previous ideas of philanthropy and support whatever goodness that comes from inside the heart. Mr. Niu’s story makes me feel that I’m still young and there are plenty of opportunities and possibilities to do something good for the society. By doing things with the mind of altruism, it will improve our temperament and enlarge the pattern. 

The operation of enterprise lies in the heart of mankind. We’re not doing charitable things for the sake of charity, but blending charity into our heart and soul. The way of doing business requires observation of rules and regulations, principles and faith, as well as the sophistication in dealing with things. 


Visit Lao Niu Children’s Discovery Museum

The project “Lao Niu Children’s Discovery Museum” is an early education project for children aged between 0 and 7, jointly developed by Lao Niu Foundation and Hohhot Municipal Government, China National Children’s Center and China Philanthropy Research Institute of Beijing Normal University; through introducing advanced design philosophy and public benefit practice pattern from children’s museums in Europe and America and combining with the excellent traditional culture and reality of the development of children’s education in China, the project adopts the educational idea that allows children to have a correct understanding of the world though practice, observation and discovery, to grasp accurate judgment for things through trying, exploring and thinking, to be more confident through designing interactive exhibition items that encourage independent study, to be more creative and imaginative through building a learning environment without limitation on thinking, to understand the diversified world and form sound values through organizing activities in the venue, and to guide the children to accept challenges, tap their potentials and establish fighting spirit.






Even those great entrepreneurs are having a lot of fun

Hope every child could have the opportunity to come here and explore a new world

Visit Lao Niu Foundation

The vision of the Lao Niu Foundation is to “have grateful hearts and improve oneself by helping others,” and to “be responsible for the earth under heaven by nurturing both people and nature.” The Foundation’s mission is founded on the belief that “education is fundamental to the nation, the environment is fundamental to life, and philanthropy is fundamental to society.” The three primary focuses of the Foundation are environmental protection, cultural education, and championing the development of China’s philanthropic sector. Lao Niu Foundation is dedicated to creating a healthy and equitable environment for all of mankind, “Heritage hundred years and guard the future”. Through cooperation with 164 institutions and organizations in both China and foreign countries, the Foundation has undertaken 219 public welfare and charity projects in 31 provinces (autonomous regions/municipality/special administrative region) in China and the regions of the United States, Canada, France, Denmark Nepal, and Africa by the end of 2017, with the philanthropic expenditure of CNY 1.3 billion.

Life is not about how many days we have lived, but how many days we have remembered.

Through the two-day visiting and learning, the participants have a clearer understanding of the concepts of public benefit and philanthropy. This is not only an activity, but also a baptism for the soul. It’s really a rewarding trip!

Travel together on the road of philanthropy

Attached is extract from a poem written by a member of the visiting mission with the inspiration from the journey:

The Inspiration of Life

Fanren Meng

You stand erect in the barren field

With the image of a tree,

Interpreting the meaning of life,

Defending a piece of wasted land.

You’ve been alone for thousands of years

And standing fast in your own way

Only to wait

For the one who knows you.

If a tree can grow,

Then flocks and herds can turn into groups.

Take root deep in the land of the north desert

And life certainly can be continuous for thousands of miles.

Turning gullies into think forest

Turning waste lands into oases

It’s really a great pioneering work

And a good action that will reach down to many generations

No need to fear rumors

What life needs

Is to be adaptable to circumstances and be open-minded.

Help yourself in the first half of your life and help others and in the rest.

What a comprehension and grace it is.

Walking towards you is like looking at the image of a tree

The enlightenment is so pure

Life needs to be like the old apricot tree

Grow into a tree

Stand like a forest

Live as the example of forest

Life should be like dairy cattle

What you eat is grass

What you give is milk

What you nourish are lives.