Dynamics of Management | Lao Niu Moral Education Lesson Entered Schools Again

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微信图片_20180930140500.jpgOn August 31, Lei Yongsheng, Director General of our Foundation, brought a vivid moral education lesson to nearly 600 junior and senior high school students in the Shengle School Affiliated to Inner Mongolia Normal University. He told the children the significance of “philanthropy” in plain language and stories the children are very familiar with. 

  Wang Guijun, Vice-principal of the school, presided over the lesson and listened to the entire content.


Vice-principle Wang Guijun (left) and Director General Lei Yongsheng (right)

  Director General Lei first started from “Have you and your family helped anyone?”, “Who has helped you and your family?” and talked about the trivial things around the children.

  Later, he talked about the representative figures and cases in philanthropy from the fields of politics, business, culture and sports at all times and from all over the world and made the children realize that: philanthropy is not “a new term”, but something that has existed everywhere for a very long time; philanthropy is for everyone, irrespective of national boundary, race, rich and poor, age, time and fields; everyone from the President to the public can engage in philanthropy; philanthropy should start from little things, start from yourself, and start from the matters around you and it’s a lifelong undertaking. 

  After that, he took some of the charity projects from Lao Niu Foundation as examples and told the children how did “modern philanthropy” solve “social issues”.


  He also looked back upon the origin of “Shengle school”, “Lao Niu Foundation” and “Philanthropy”, hoping that every student can carry “a good heart” and pass it on to more people.

  He mentioned: “philanthropy” is a lifestyle that “starts from little things”, a social atmosphere that “exists around you and me”, and a cultural gene to improve national quality and international image. He hoped that, by influencing one child, we can mobilize one family, influence one clan, radiate one community and even change one society. 


  At the end, Director General Lei concluded with Mr Niu Gensheng’s philanthropic philosophy as a mutual encouragement for him and for the children: If everyone does good, everything will be good; How happy you are depends on how many people love you!