Reprint | Laoniu Brothers & Sisters Foundation: Hiking Along Juyongguan Pass for Love

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Thousands of people gathered around and hiked along the Juyongguan Great Wall for love

Tell the stories for the public welfare in the name of hiking



On June 30, 2018, the 2018 Laoniu Brothers & Sisters Foundation “Social Community, Hiking for Love” (Beijing) was held at World Cultural and Natural Heritage, Beijing Juyongguan Great Wall. The event was named after Laoniu Brothers & Sisters Foundation, guided by CCTV Society and Law Channel, hosted by CCTV Community Hero program team, China Association of National Parks and Scenic Sites, China Lingshan Council for the Promotion of Philanthropy and the Ming Tombs Special Area Office, and organized by Zhongjing Education and Poverty Alleviation Fund, Lingshan Charity Foundation, Hero Charitable Fund of China Social Assistance Foundation and Beijing Desheng Sports Culture Development Co., Ltd.



At 08:30AM on June 30, all the participants gathered in front of the First and Greatest Pass under the Heaven. Over 40 teams from Laoniu Brothers & Sisters Foundation, Lao Niu Foundation, China Charity Alliance, China Global Philanthropy Institute, Community Hero, China Railway Group Young Volunteers, Caring for the Loss of Only Child Family Shanshang Heartwarming Blue, Angel Ocean and Sun Future Art Education Foundation, as well as over 1500 people from the general public in all walks of life, participated in the hiking.



The activity officially started after Wang Guangling, Director of CCTV Society and Law Channel, Wang Fengwu, President of China Association of National Parks and Scenic Sites, Wei Shuqing, Deputy Secretary of CCTV Society and Law Channel, Niu Ben, Director General of Laoniu Brothers & Sisters Foundation, Chen Xiaopeng, Secretary General of Laoniu Brothers & Sisters Foundation, Tang Yongjun, Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of the Ming Tombs Special Area Office, and Li Suli, Deputy Secretary General of China Volunteer Service Foundation, fired the rifles into the sky. The participants were temporarily separated from the noise of the city and walked towards the nature to feel it.





 Walk on the road with love by your side



 When talking about his support for the activity, Niu Ben, Director General of Laoniu Brothers & Sisters Foundation, said that it fit perfectly with the profound and magnificent culture of the Chinese nation to walk closer to the nature, look into it with our eyes, feel it with the heart, and sense the beauty of the nature. This activity not only gathered enterprises and public welfare teams from different areas, but also attracted many families, especially children. Let’s help the future generation to sense and experience, to pass on the loving heart, and to inherit the culture with our words and deeds.





Allow charity to enter the little things in everyday life



 The hiking route is 3.78KM long, passing 8 watchtowers. Participants can experience the fun in climbing the Great Wall, look down at the abundant landscape, and feel the comfort of staying in the nature. At the start of the activity, Ms. Chen Xiaopeng, Secretary General of Laoniu Brothers & Sisters Foundation, also expressed her confidence in completing the whole journey and expectations for “One who fails to reach the Great Wall is not a hero and I’ve already walked for twenty thousand miles”. She believed that “Walking for Love” not only incorporates walking for love and goodness, but also our respect for historical culture. She called on the large and small families to participate in charity activities together and took the chance to achieve whole participation in charity, allowing charity to enter the little things in everyday life. Ms. Chen also practiced what she preached and walked along, trying to bring changes with the force of example.



 Along the route of the activity, the organizers prepared Loving Charity Photo Exhibition (demonstrate photos of Community Hero, Laoniu Brothers & Sisters Foundation, Scenic Area Lingqing Funding Project for Poverty High School Students and Community Hero Walk for Love over the years), collecting stamps through little challenges and interesting, novel and exciting charity fair for the participants.




At first sight, you could see a grand scheme of a large team of people going forward with great strength and vigor, wearing the same blue drawstring bag and white T-shirt with cartoon deer. In spite of the hot weather, everybody was still passionate and walking step by step with perseverance, marching towards the objective of challenging themselves.




Community Hero Walking for Love

 With love as the original intention, Community Hero Walking for Love raises money for three public welfare programs, namely “Community Hero, Let’s Do It Together”, “Scenic Area Lingqing Funding Project for High School Students”, and “Art Dream Fulfilling Journey for Children”. Through walking, the public will learn about charity, support charity and propagandize charity in a relaxed and funny atmosphere.





Renovate charity and sustain the inheritance. Laoniu Brothers & Sisters Foundation is also expecting more people to join the force: spread charity with the power of walking and tell about love with footmark. “Community Hero, Walking for Love” has truly become a way of life. It’s just so easy to be an ordinary hero!