The 2nd Session of the 4th Board of Directors of Lao Niu Foundation Convened in Hohhot

DATA:2018-08-26  Views:114

On August 26, the 2nd Session of the 4th Board of Directors of our Foundation was convened in Hohhot headquarters. The meeting was presided over by Director General Lei Yongsheng, attended by Deputy Director General Wang Yonghong, Secretary-General An Yaqiang, Directors Saren Tuoya, Shen Xia, Li Lu (through telephone), Zhang Hongyan, Yang Yuhong and Niu Ben, and Supervisor Han Shaojun; Niu Gensheng, Founder and Honorary President (through telephone), Niu Qiong, Chen Xiao Peng and Sai Yin (members of the founding family), Yang Pinyan, responsible person of Yuqing Family Office, and responsible persons of various departments of our Foundation attended the meeting as nonvoting delegates. 


On the meeting, attendees listened to, discussed and approved topics including 2018 Public Welfare Programs Adjustment Report, Amendment to Articles of Association, Proposal for the Authorization for Secretary General, Presentation of the Withholding Income Tax from Donations to Abroad, and Interim Report on Cultural Development of Institutions. 



Later, part of the attendees will also attend and sit in on “the 5th Cross-strait and Hong Kong & Macau Regions Philanthropy Forum” supported and held by our Foundation.