March towards Happiness | Lao Niu Talent Cultivation Program for Preschool Teachers Walked into Denmark Again

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On August 5, over 20 trainees from Beijing, Guiyang, Shaanxi, Sichuan, Jiangsu and Inner Mongolia walked into Denmark, the Kingdom of Fairy Tales, and started academic visit of Lao Niu Talent Cultivation Program for Preschool Teachers (4th Session) in Denmark.

The training lasted for 15 days. Through training course, site visit and practical activity and other multidimensional course arrangements, the trainees were able to experience the concept and method of preschool education in Denmark featuring “learning by dong and learning by playing” and profoundly feel, excavate and learn the educational value of Anderson in Denmark.


Ms. Mette from Briefing of Andersen College talking about the four-quadrant thought of mankind


The trainees are acting the pantomime The Tinder Box to fully experience the charm of costumes in preschool education


Visit a kindergarten in construction. The teachers are taking the children to dig and make their own site for bonfire.


Visit REMIDA CENTER and experience transforming and utilizing old materials


Trainees exchanging and sharing with each other

Up to now, the project has been going on for four sessions and nearly 80 preschool teachers and educational workers from Beijing, Shenzhen, Shaanxi, Sichuan, Nanjing, Gansu, Shanxi and Inner Mongolia have walked into Denmark, the Kingdom of Fairy Tales, and experience fairytale study trip. Through abundant course design, the trainees have broadened their horizon and gained new knowledge in terms of the concept and skill of preschool education and prompted to have new understanding and thinking of their own education and teaching work.