Lao Niu Life School, Lifesaving Classroom

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Recently, according to the report from Xi'an Evening News, one of the students participating in Lintong District Track Meet for Middle School Students suddenly passed out after the closing ceremony. Mr. Chen Wentao, who was leading his students to participate in the matches, happened to come back looking for something. On the sight of the situation, Mr. Chen Wentao asked another teacher to call 120 and then rapidly ran towards the grandstand. He noticed that the boy was already unconscious, without heartbeat and breath. He judged that the boy might be suffering from sudden cardiac arrest after exercise. Mr. Chen Wentao made a prompt decision and kneeled down, overlapped his hands and conducted CPR… After over 10 pushes, the boy started to breathe. Mr. Chen Wentao grasped the “4-minute prime time” and successfully saved the boy’s life. 


According to statistics, about 540,000 people in China died from sudden cardiac death in China. On average, there is one person dying in front of us in every minute due to sudden cardiac death. The success rate of pre-hospital CPR is only 1.2-1.4%. Meanwhile, the popularizing rate of first-aid skills in China is less than 1%, while the number is 80% in Germany, 40% in France, 80% in Czech Republic. The proportion of successful CPR is about 50%...

Many people think that first-aid is something for the doctors. In case of accident, they are only waiting anxiously for ambulance, watching time passing by. However, the critical moment for successful emergency treatment usually is usually only “4-minute prime time”. If one day, everyone is equipped with first-aid knowledge and skill and capable of providing timely emergency treatment for patients at death’s door due to serious disease or accidental injury, the death rate of the patients will decrease by 80%.


Starting from 2011, in allusion to global natural disasters and frequent accidents, as well as the requirements of adolescent quality education in China and the active advocacy of national policies, our Foundation conducted “Lao Niu Life School” project in cooperation with Chinese Red Cross National Training Center and Red Cross Society of China Inner Mongolia. The “Lao Niu Life School” project was then conducted in the middle and primary schools in the provincial capitals of 10 provinces (autonomous regions) throughout the country and 43 colleges and universities and 24 senior middle schools in Inner Mongolia. Through conducting training for first-aid teachers, popularization of emergency treatment and disaster prevention, emergency treatment knowledge contest, Red Cross Summer Youth Camp and drills of escaping from disasters and risks, the project aims at constantly improving the emergency and disaster prevention awareness and self-rescue and mutual aid skills among the teachers and students. 

Since the implementation of the project, the cumulative beneficiaries of the project have reached 124 schools and 430,000 person-times. The project won “2012 Propagate Philanthropy China Annual Exemplary Public Welfare Project Award”.


On August 10, the project entered “the 7th (2018) China Public Welfare Project Contest Top 100 Project”. At present, the project has officially joined 99 Tencent Lejuan Public Welfare Platform to participate in project promotion event with the theme “4-minute Prime Time, the Help Beside you”. 

We are looking forward to your attention and loving support. Hope you can assist in Lao Niu Life School project’s successful promotion and provide possibility for every life that needs to be saved.