Reprint | Opening Ceremony of the Third Session of “Thousand People for Charity Initiative - Lao Niu Academy” Held in Beijing

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Group photo for the opening ceremony of the Third Session of Lao Niu Academy

On August 20, the opening ceremony of the third session of “Thousand People for Charity Initiative - Lao Niu Academy” themed “the internationalization, innovation and inheritance of charity organizations in the new era” was held in Beijing. Liu Fuqing, Deputy President and Secretary-General of China Charity Alliance, and An Yaqiang, Secretary-General of Lao Niu Foundation, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech; Liu Youping, Deputy Secretary-General of China Charity Alliance, presided over the ceremony.

Through a series of trainings, the third session of “Thousand People for Charity Initiative - Lao Niu Academy” will cultivate a batch of leading personnel with national feelings, compliance to the general situation of the whole country and international view and help Chinese charity organizations to accelerate their growth in terms of governance structure, operation mechanism, cross-border cooperation, resource development and international cooperation. This training will recruit 80 from all over the country, mainly targeting the responsible person of social organizations, such as foundations, charity societies and social service organizations. It will also send targeted invitations to some Enterprise CSR Managers, youth leaders in philanthropy and responsible persons of international charity organizations.


An Yaqiang, Secretary-General of Lao Niu Foundation, and Liu Fuqing, Liu Youping and Chen Dongqing, Deputy President and Secretary-General, Deputy Secretary-General and Assistant to the Secretary-General of China Charity Alliance, unveiling the nameplate for the third session of Lao Niu Academy. 

Deputy President Liu Fuqing pointed out: the position of philanthropy has been greatly changed and improved in the social construction in China and social organizations have become an important force in the construction of the “five-sphere integrated plan”. Philanthropy is gradually developing with the reform and opening-up, but the history is relatively short and there’s shortage of talents. The rapid and healthy development of philanthropy can’t do without the cultivation of leaders. On the grand boat of the reform and opening up in China, social organizations should be important paddlers and should have important contribution, rather than just being the passenger on the boat. Through teaching, sharing, communicating and expanding, the third session of Lao Niu Academy will allow the trainees engaged in philanthropy to obtain systematic theoretical knowledge, draw reference from advanced experience and successful models, broaden their horizon, update their ideas, expand resources and make themselves and their institutions stronger. 

According to Secretary-General An Yaqiang, Lao Niu Academy has always paid attention to the ever-changing development of the industry. The new historical period has higher expectation for philanthropic talents both in terms of quantity and quality. From 2013 to 2017, the amount of social donation had increased from nearly 100 Billion to nearly 150 Billion, social organization had increased from 500,000 to over 800,000, the number of volunteers had been more than doubled and increased from over 70 Million to 158 Million. Behind the increase of quantity, it is the desire for human resources. In the context of national construction of “the Belt and Road” and globalization, we need more practitioners of charity with professional knowledge and skills. As an indispensable important force in promoting the development of comprehensive national strength, talent cultivation is undoubtedly one of the key factors for the industry to adapt to the needs of social changes in the new era, grasp the unprecedented strategic opportunity and become the promoting force for building a community with a shared future for mankind.

This training will last from August to December and experts from the PBC School of Finance at Tsinghua University, China NGO Network for International Exchanges, Renmin University of China NPO Research Center, and Huamin Foundation Rutgers University Huamin Research Center will cultivate talents for philanthropy from three modules, namely “course module one: consider the situation and international layout”, “course module two: social innovation and organizational transformation”, and “course module three: charitable inheritance, evergreen family”. The first period of training includes team building and leadership promotion, national diplomatic strategy and international development of social organizations, the important function of party building work in social organizations’ participation in international cooperation, the policy and practice of “go out” policy for Chinese social organizations, strategy and cases of the internationalization of philanthropic organizations, how should Chinese philanthropy “go out”, opportunity for the internationalization of charity organization, and challenges and paths. 

Through accumulation in the past two years, the “Friends of Big Potatoes” exchange platform of Lao Niu Academy will be officially established on the opening ceremony of the third session. All the members in “Friends of Big Potatoes” are trainees of Lao Niu Academy and most of them are backbones and managerial personnel from various institutions who are try to make Lao Niu Academy a trustworthy big family for the trainees through efforts of alumni.

In the meantime during the training, Lao Niu Academy will also regularly organize Niuyou Salon, institution visiting and industry forum and other activities to enrich the content of training. The training will build a high-end communication platform and new learning space for lean talents and invite trainees of Lao Niu Academy to actively participate on the basis of voluntariness, mutual assistance and mutual benefit. The training will also promote models for learning, exchange and social contact, improve the enthusiasm of the trainees through integrating wisdom and resources in many ways, organize visiting of domestic institutions, Niuyou Salon, Lao Niu Academy Forum and other activities, share the work achievement of the trainees and demonstrate the elegant demeanor of the trainees. 

Niuyou Salon – hold series of salons and invite masters from the industry to share philanthropic experience for trainees of Lao Niu Academy and members of local charity organizations, so as to strengthen the interaction among members of local charity organizations, mobilize the development and interaction of charity foundations in the cities along the Belt and Road, form exchange and expansion platform, propagate the training concept of Thousand People for Charity Initiative - Lao Niu Academy, and improve the influence and popularity of the training. The salons have no limit for form and theme. It could be course teaching on industry research or promotion of project from trainees’ institution, or round-table discussion.

Institution visiting – organize trainees to visit domestic institutions and explore the root of charity culture in China. This part mainly focuses on the areas of the trainees’ institutions, looks into local charity culture and development status of philanthropy, communicates working experience in philanthropy, discuss new solutions for social insures, promote the formation of the cooperation model for the sharing of innovation resources, and help to promote the implementation and cooperation of specific projects. Members of the trainee association will organize the itinerary of institution visiting, submit scheme application and budget to the trainee association and then the trainee association will recruit participants and operate independently. For institution visiting, there should be a theme for the visiting, which mainly includes targeted poverty alleviation, rural revitalization, charity culture, foundation operation and management, charity organization innovation and philanthropic business visiting. 

Industry forum - hold a high-end seminar on industry development and invite representatives from government, experts and scholars, entrepreneurs, responsible persons of charity organizations and other persons with larger influence and popularity to discuss the future development and challenges for philanthropy in China under the pattern of social governance featuring co-construction, co-governance and sharing.