Able to See – Love at “Brightness Action”

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Eyes are the most important organs among sense organs. About 80% of the knowledge and memory in our brand are obtained through our eyes. Once we lose our sight, it will be a terrible dark world waiting for us. Even the slightest gestures and expressions in daily life could be extremely difficult.

Inner Mongolia locates on a windy plateau with strong light. The yearlong strong light exposure and invasion of sandstorm make this place a high incidence area of ophthalmic diseases. According to statistics, among the over 24 million population in the area, the ones with various ophthalmic diseases reach as much as 225,000, with an annual increase of 9000. Cataract is one of the most common eye diseases and most patients can be cured through surgery. However, many patients from poor and remote rural pasturing areas are not able to receive timely treatment due to family poverty or various reasons, resulting ultimately in visual impairment.

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In order to accurately help these poverty-stricken cataract patients, Inner Mongolia “Brightness Action” activity for public good, jointly initiated by Lao Niu Foundation and Red Cross Society of China Inner Mongolia Branch, China Society for Promotion of the Guangcai Program and Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, conducted Laoniu “Able to See” Program for Treating Poverty-stricken Cataract Patients (second session) within the whole area. Within three years (2015-2017), the program screened 339,300 patients with eye diseases, helped 15,840 poverty-stricken cataract patients for free with 100% achievement ratio of surgery. The program sends them light, allows them to see again and regain self-care ability of daily living and labor capacity, and completely frees them from troubles in life. 

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The successful implementation of “Brightness Action” activity for public good in the whole area provides strong support and guarantee for the autonomous region to establish long-term mechanism for helping poverty-stricken cataract patients to regain sight and vigorously promotes the process of cataract free program in the whole area. The program plays an important role in promoting the strategy of targeted poverty alleviation, ensuring the health and welfare of poverty-stricken population, enhancing national unity and progress, and promoting social harmony and stability, truly achieves the social effect of “regain the sight for one person, bring happy to one family and benefit the people in one area”, and has been generally welcomed and ardently anticipated by the broad masses of the people.


At the start of “Able to See” Program (third session), we would like to record “Brightness Action” activity for public good in the whole area with this video.

In the next three years, “Able to See” Program (third session) will bring light to 10000 poverty-stricken cataract patients in the area and carry out “Eye Protection Action” to care for the eye health of adolescents, screen eye diseases among millions of adolescents, get glasses for 5000 adolescents and children with true myopia from poverty-stricken families, implement free correction surgery for 1000 adolescents and children with strabismus from poverty-stricken families, and take the lead in achieving full coverage of eye protection action for adolescents in national-level and district-level banners and counties. The program will enable poverty-stricken eye disease patients to enjoy health and dignity and play a positive role in building healthy Inner Mongolia and assisting in the targeted poverty alleviation of the autonomous region.