Party Building Work | Participate in “Training for (General) Party Branch Secretary”

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In order to improve the competency of various (General) Party Branch Secretaries in performing duties, Social Organization Committee of CPC Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Non-public Ownership Economic Organization of CPC Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and the Social Organization Party Building Office of Social Organization Working Committee organized training for (General) Party Branch Secretaries from August 13 to 14, 2018. An Yaqiang and Pang Xiaoyuan, Party Branch Secretary and Party Building Liaison of our Foundation, participated in this training. 

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Through special lectures on How to Be A Good Party Branch Secretary for Social Organization, How to Accomplish Party Building Work in Social Organizations, Several Issues on Party Member Education and Management in Social Organizations, Transfer of Organizational Relationship, Collection of Party Membership Due and Recruitment of Party Members in Social Organizations, and Expand Functions, Make Three Meetings and One Class Strong Support for the Construction of Party Branch, this training enabled the trainees to have a profound awareness of the importance of Party building work in social organizations from knowing the big picture, knowing the orientation, understanding the direction, taking responsibility bravely, focusing on innovation and being good at communication. Party organizations in social organizations are the battle rampart for the Party in social organizations. They plays a core political function and must strictly perform the political duties of the Party, carry out work closely around the basic tasks endowed by Party constitution to primary party organizations, solemnize organization live, strictly obey political discipline, political rules and organizational discipline, and give full play to the political functions of party organizations.