Dynamics of the Founder | Niu Gensheng Spoke Again on Climate Summit

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  “California Climate Summit” was held in San Francisco on September 12-14 local time.

  After attending the launching ceremony of “Global Climate Action Initiative”, reading out “Global Climate Action Initiative” on behalf of Chinese philanthropists and proposing “global climate is like a board of chess, only by global linkage can we improve efficiency”, Niu Gensheng spoke again on the 14th. 


  Centering on the theme “the good opportunity to rapidly reduce climate warming”, Niu Gensheng, the Founder and Honorary President of our Foundation, Amory Lovins, the cofounder and Chief Scientist of Rocky Mountain Institute, Fred Krupp, the president of Environmental Defense Fund, Emily Rooney, President of Agricultural Council of California, and Bob Fisher, the co-founder and trustee of the Pisces Foundation, respectively expressed their opinions and conducted round table discussion.

  Niu Gensheng indicated in this statement:

  Speaking of “methane, carbon dioxide and cow”, we’ve studied, when operating Mengniu, the issue of how to turn “greenhouse gases” into “resources”, rather than just discharging them into the air and causing pollution. At that time, it was a challenge to deal with cow dung and bovine urine. We built biogas plant with an annual processing capacity of 160,000 tons of cow dung and bovine urine, reducing about 25,000 tons of CO2 in each year and generating over 9.6 Million kilowatts from the biogases. In short, it is a process that turns cow dung and bovine urine into biogases, turns biogases into electric energy and eventually “turns greenhouse gases into resources”. It was the first attempt of the program in China. In 2006, NUDP recommended the program as “the program to accelerate the commercial capacity building of renewable energy in China · demonstration project for the promotion of large-scale biogas power generation technology”; due to the help from technology, the program was also a global demonstration project. We can also see that methane is also a severe problem in China. Metaphorically speaking, if we compare ideal climate to “the green land in the air”, then greenhouse gases could be compared to “the desert in the air”, because the climate change caused by greenhouse gases actually equals to “the desertification of climate”. The harm of desertification is usually a local and regional problem, while “the dissertation of climate” is a global issue, the results of which are the shared responsibility for mankind (for better or worse). It is a severe problem we are facing. 


  In view of the practice and results of Mr. Niu Gensheng and Lao Niu Foundation in environmental protection over the years, Niu Gensheng was awarded “2014 Oak Leaf Award”, the highest award in global environmental protection by The Nature Conservancy, and became the first to receive the honor in Chinese mainland; Lao Niu Foundation was awarded the title of “Top Ten China–European Green Foundation”.

  With the mission of “the environment is fundamental to life”, Lao Niu Foundation has cooperated with 18 institutions in terms of environmental protection and tackling climate change and conducted 28 programs with the philanthropic expenditure of 425 Million Yuan.

  Three kinds of environmental protection projects of Lao Niu Foundation:

  1. Plant carbon sequestration forest and absorb fixed amount of carbon dioxide

  Lao Niu Foundation has cumulatively donated nearly 400 Million Yuan and cooperated with China Green Carbon Foundation, The Nature Conservancy, State Forestry Administration, Department of Forestry of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and Hebei Provincial Department of Forestry, and successively conducted “Inner Mongolia Shengle International Eco Zone Project” (“Most Influential Project” of China Charity Award), and “Lao Niu Winter Olympics Carbon Sink Forest” Project, planted over 5.3 Million trees, and afforested over 70,000 mu barren mountain, capable of absorbing a fixed amount of 600,000 tons of carbon dioxide in the next 30 years. 


Comparison before and after the governance of Inner Mongolia Shengle International Eco Zone

  2. Promote environmental protection, advocate greening and cultivate talents

  Lao Niu Foundation has supported the zero-carbon meeting of “Annual Summit of China Green Companies” for seven years in succession and supported “2016 G20 Hangzhou Summit” to be zero-carbon meeting, so as to advocate simple, moderate, green and low-carbon running of meetings; the Foundation has successively donated 10 Million Yuan, cooperated with Tsinghua University Education Foundation to set up “Lao Niu Environment Fund”, adopted the operation mode of “keeping the principal and using the interests” to continuously support the students from the School of Environment of Tsinghua University to conduct international exchange and support the teachers from the School of Environment to conduct research on frontier issues. 


2011 carbon neutral forest

Donation ceremony of carbon neutral on G20 Hangzhou Summit


Signing of the strategic cooperation of “Lao Niu Environment Fund”

Subsidize the international exchange of professionals in environmental protection

  3. Wetland conservation

  Lao Niu Foundation has donated USD 2 Million in two batches. Along with the USD 1.5 Million from Paulson Institute, the Foundation cooperated with the East and West Center in the United States, International Crane Foundation, The Nature Conservancy, State Forestry Administration of China, State Oceanic Administration, Chinese Academy of Sciences, National Expert Panel for Wetland Science And Technology, and other institutions and departments to jointly promote the cause of environmental protection in China and study and protect the most irreplaceable resource of natural wetland in China. Later, the Foundation has also absorbed and integrated about 384 Million Yuan, which is or is about to invest in wetland conservation in China. Moreover, the Foundation has also conducted wetland conservation program with an area of nearly 50,000 mu in Mt. Qomolangma Nature Reserve.


Signing ceremony of China Wetland Conservation Program

Location shooting of China Wetland Conservation program


Lao Niu Mt. Qomolangma Wetland Conservation Program