Lao Niu Children’s Discovery Museum Landed in Hong Kong

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  With the financial aid from Lao Niu Foundation and the professional support from Lao Niu Childrens Discovery Museum, the first Childrens Discovery Museum in Hong Kong was officially opened to the public on September 19, 2018. The museum locates on the first floor of China United Center at No. 28, Marble Road, North Point, Hong Kong, and mainly serves children no more than 10 years old and their families. After Beijing and Hohhot, Hong Kong becomes another new city for the implementation of Lao Niu Childrens Discovery Museum.


  Childrens Discovery Museum is an autonomous exploration and learning environment designed for children and families. There are exhibits that are both educational and entertaining and diversified educational exhibits to stimulate the curiosity, imagination and creativity of the children.

  Through respecting the unique growing process of each child and building a learning environment suitable for the brain development of children, childrens discovery museum has prevailed in European and American countries for over 100 years due to its professionalism and perspectiveness in the field of early childhood education and has spread all over the world. The Lao Niu Childrens Discovery Museum in Hong Kong is established exactly on these principles, bringing the most valuable resources of early learning for children and families in Hong Kong and surrounding areas.

Teach through lively activities with distinctive characteristics of Hong Kong

  While sufficiently satisfying the established educational objectives, the exhibits of Hong Kong Lao Niu Childrens Discovery Museum also reflect the unique characteristics and culture of Hong Kong. The exhibition area “Our Natural World, Our Consumer World”, for instance, is a place where children can vividly and clearly learn about the land reclamation, urban water circulation and garbage treatment system of Hong Kong and cultivate their environmental awareness while playing in “the Nature. Whats more, children can also learn about the developed global import and export trade in Hong Kong through knowing about the source of their daily food.

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  Film is one of the most important components of the culture of Hong Kong. In Hong Kong Lao Niu Childrens Discovery Museum, there is also a dedicated exhibition area called “Story Stage!” Storytelling and role play are learning methods very suitable for children in this age group. The exhibition area also has multiple interesting exhibits that guide children to understand figures and plot and to give play to their imagination and make up their own stories. There are also professional studio, lighting and sound effect console for children and parents to express themselves freely. 


Six years cultivation and three years preparation for the future of the children

  “Doing for one time is better than watching for a thousand times. Through an occasional personal experience in children’s discovery museum six years ago, Niu Gensheng, the founder of Lao Niu Foundation, was deeply touched by this mode of early education. In order for the parents and children in China be able to experience this exploratory learning environment, Mr. Niu decided to support the development of childrens discovery museum in China. This strategic decision coincides with the major work orientation of Lao Niu Foundation, namely “cultural education, especially early childhood education

  Most of the founding members of Hong Kong Lao Niu Childrens Discovery Museum grew up in Hong Kong and received quality education from abroad. They are deeply aware of the unbalanced educational resources for children in Hong Kong and the lack of education form that respects and conforms to the law of the physical and mental development of young children. They are determined to change that. This sense of mission is exactly the core element of the public welfare program of Lao Niu Childrens Discovery Museum. Through three years elaborate preparations, the children in Hong Kong finally have their own childrens discovery museum. It is not only an educational and entertaining heaven for children in Hong Kong, but also another practical action of implementation by Lao Niu Foundation in the field of public welfare for childrens education.

  Apart from the already opened childrens discovery museums in Beijing, Hohhot and Hong Kong, Lao Niu Foundation has also launched the cooperation project with Shanghai Science and Technology Museum. These projects all aim at establishing innovative, interactive and demonstrative bases for childrens education through programs for public good.

  In order to cooperate with the strategy of promoting Lao Niu Childrens Discovery Museum Program throughout the country, Lao Niu Foundation made donation and established Beijing Tongxue Charity Foundation in Beijing in this year, so as to have more professional operation in terms of project design, cooperation, management and evaluation. The discussions on cooperation in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xian and Jinan are already on the agenda of Beijing Tongxue Charity Foundation, hoping that Lao Niu Childrens Discovery Museum could benefit more children and families. 


Lao Niu Childrens Discovery Museum, China National Childrens Center

No. 43, PingAnLi West Street, Xicheng District, Beijing


Hohhot Lao Niu Childrens Discovery Museum

No. 7, XiLinGuoLe South Road, Huimin District, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia


Shanghai Science and Technology Museum Childrens Discovery Center (currently in the stage of exhibition planning)

2000 Century Avenue, Pudong New Area, Shanghai