“Brightness Action” for the Whole Region, Make you “Able to See”

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  Recently, the launching ceremony of Inner Mongolia Brightness Action Social Public Welfare Activity was held in Erenhot. It was the second station of 2018 Brightness Action for the whole region. Bu Xiaolin, Deputy Secretary of CPC Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and Chairman of the Autonomous Region, announced the official start of the activity. Wang Fang, Secretary of the Party Committee and Executive Vice-president of Red Cross Society of China Inner Mongolia Branch, Li Xianping, Director General of China Society for Promotion of the Guangcai Program, and An Yaqiang, Secretary General of Lao Niu Foundation, also attended the activity as the initiator and representatives of the organizing committee of the program.

  After the ceremony, participants went to visit cataract patients together, went to Red Cross Demonstration School for investigation and survey, participated in the campus performance activity of Brightness Action Social Public Welfare Activity for the Whole Region, observed the screening work of “Eye Protection Action” to care for the eye health of adolescents and gave public welfare gifts to adolescents.


  2018 Brightness Action for the Whole Region, namely Lao Niu “Able to See Program (Third Session) is another round of targeted poverty alleviation work covering the whole region. By the end of August, the new round of Brightness Action had already cumulatively screened patients with eye diseases for 85680 person-times in 9 league cities, implemented 2751 operations to regain the sight of poverty-stricken cataract patients for free, cumulatively conducted eye health screening for 109800 person-times among adolescents, established over 50000 files, conducted eye health public welfare services including strabotomy, amblyopia training and congenital cataract treatment for 488 adolescents from poverty-stricken families, and got the right lenses for 338 adolescents from poverty-stricken families for free.

  “The Belt and Road Brightness Action Mongolia Action Promotion Meeting was also held in the same period of time.