Party Building Work | Organize the Learning of “the Practice of Recruiting Party Members in the New Era”

DATA:2018-10-01  Views:118

  On September 29, the eve of the 69th birthday of the Peoples Republic of China, our Foundation organized party members and activists of party application to collectively study the Practice of Recruiting Party Members in the New Era.


  This study was conducted around the situation and tasks in recruiting party members, main problems in the work of recruiting party members, key tasks in recruiting party members, etc. The meeting emphasized that the recruitment of party members should be based on policies in documents including the Party Constitution, Position on Strengthening Recruitment and the Management of Party Members in the New Situation, and Detailed Rules and Regulations for the Recruitment of Chinese Communist Party Members, that we should spare no effort to solve key issues like unscientific and inaccurate distribution of the indexes for the control of total number, insufficient strength in the recruitment of party members among key groups and key fields, and the lack of standardization in the procedures regarding recruiting party members under the guidance of the general requirements of five basics and 16 words and the principles of three insistence, one prohibition and one objection.


  Party organizations in social organizations are the battle rampart for the party in social organizations and play political core roles. We must strictly perform the political duty of the party, carry out work closely around the basic tasks endowed by party constitution to primary party organizations, implement entity responsibility in the process of recruiting party members, accurately grasp policy requirements, strictly execute the procedures for recruiting party members, and practically complete the work of recruiting party members in the new era.