Lao Niu Foundation Shared Work on “Training Class for Environmental Social Organizations in the Whole Region”

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  On October 10, “2018 Training Class for Environmental Social Organizations in the Whole Region” jointly sponsored by the Department of Environmental Protection, the Department of Civil Affairs and Youth League Committee of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and organized by Center for Environmental Education and Communications and Association of Environmental Protection Industry of the Autonomous Region, was held in Hohhot.

  The opening ceremony was held by Bai Zhifeng, Director of Center for Environmental Education and Communications of the Autonomous Region; Leaders including Zhang Huiyu, Deputy Director of the Department of Environmental Protection of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Yang Jun, Director of Center for Environmental Education and Communications of Ministry of Environmental Protection, and Liu Xiaoyu, Deputy Secretary of Youth League Committee of the Autonomous Region, and over 100 representatives from environmental social organizations, youth league committees in colleges and universities and environmental associations in various places throughout the region and environmental protection communications and education department of various league cities participated this training. Lan Keqi, Project Manager of our Foundation, accepted the invitation and shared the case of the environmental protection work of Lao Niu Foundation and communicated experience.


Lan Keqi, Project Manager of our Foundation, sharing the experience of the environmental protection project of Lao Niu Foundation

   During the training, experts provided detailed explanation for the core tasks and priorities in current propaganda work for ecological environmental protection, relevant policies regarding the registration and management of social organizations and environmental information disclosure. Later, they participated in the discussion and communication, visited M•Grass, state-level public science base for environmental protection, and participated in the public visit activity of the sewage treatment plant.


Visiting M•Grass


Visiting sewage treatment plant

         Through this training, the participants further realized: the Department of Environmental Protection of the Autonomous Region will further focus on increasing the support for environmental social organizations, promote environmental social organizations to assume the standardization and institutionalization of government purchase service in the meantime, support environmental social organizations to actively implement social activities for public good, promote the healthy development of environmental social organizations, take the initiative in establishing the dialogue platform with environmental social organizations, keep on carrying out training, forum and exchange visit on environmental protection, broaden the channels for environmental social organizations to participate in environmental protection affairs, encourage more young people to participate in environmental protection, promote the mutual trust and interaction between government agencies and environmental social organizations, encourage environmental social organizations to organize and strengthen the communication with environmental protection department, and guide and promote the good development of environmental social organizations in the whole region.