Celebrating National Day, Lao Niu Children’s Discovery Museum is Unusually Brilliant with Theme Activities

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  In this golden autumn season of October, our mother country is embracing her 69th birthday! On this day when the whole nation joins in the jubilation, Lao Niu Childrens Discovery Museum had also prepared unusually brilliant activities that attracted numerous parents and children to participate in together. Now, lets look at the wonderful activities in different venues!



  China National Childrens Center Lao Niu Childrens Discovery Museum (Beijing Venue)  Theme Activity of Childlike innocence in the Dream, Motherland in the Heart

  In order to celebrate the birthday of our mother country, China National Childrens Center Lao Niu Childrens Discovery Museum held Childlike innocence in the Dream, Motherland in the Heart National Day Themed Activity on October 1-3.

1541822487950184.jpgBuild the Great Wall

  The Great Wall is the crystallization of the wisdom of laboring people in China and stands for the persistent and strong will of the people. Teachers in the venue were talking about the story of the Great Wall and the children were building the Great Wall together.

1541822805135270.jpgCelebrate the National Day by making flower basket

  The children were listening to childrens song on loving the motherland, while making color flower basket to celebrate the National Day!

1541822855139724.jpgSing the national anthem

  The children were singing the national anthem with panda Panpan, recalling the hard-won happy life, experiencing the mightiness of our mother country and cultivating patriotic emotion in the solemn and aw-inspiring March of the Volunteers


Interesting guessing game of place names

  The children and parents were guessing place names together, feeling the local conditions and customs and cultural differences in different places in China and experiencing the interestingness in Chinese language and words.


Link game of food

  Chinese cooking culture is popular both at home and abroad and there are countless special delicacies in different places. The children and parents were matching special delicacies with different places one by one and communicating the delicacies that they enjoy so much as to forget to leave and the ones they will try next time!

Hohhot Lao Niu Childrens Discovery Museum (Hohhot venue)  Theme Activity of “I Love My Motherland

  During the National Day, Hohhot Lao Niu Childrens Discovery Museum is filled with fluttering red flags and loud revolutionary songs, with festive atmosphere everywhere. I Love My Motherland National Day Theme Activity of the venue has attracted the attention and participation of numerous parents and children. The site of activity really becomes an incredible and colorful world with hundreds of high lights

1541827886135743.jpgGuess the revolutionary songs

  Revolutionary songs can carry forward revolutionary spirit, enhance national cohesion, and express ones feeling of loving the country and the party. The children and parents were doing really well in the activity of guessing revolutionary songs. Very good! In the meantime, there are also performances of traditional songs and dances from Mongolian families. Its really a double feast for both visual and auditory sense.

1541827998126763.jpgDemonstration of intangible-cultural-heritage skills

  Paper cutting is a traditional art of the Chinese nation. On every holiday or wedding occasion, people will stick beautiful and bright-colored paper cuttings on the windows, walls, doors and lanterns, adding more warmth to the festive atmosphere. The venue has also invited inheritor of intangible cultural heritage to explain to visitors on the site and interact with parents and children. They were really careful when listening to the explanation. Very good!

1541828030179313.jpgA gift to our mother country

  Today is your birthday, my mother country. Let your children personally make a gift for you, a gift fully loaded with the love for you, the loyalty to you, and the admiration and responsibility for you.


Safeguard the territorial integrity and learn about the territory

  In the area of Chinese Map, the children were observing the map of China, talking about the name and shape of the map, and finding out the location of capital Beijing on the map. They also did a puzzle game of the Chinese map and knew that October 1 is the National Day of China.

1541828156517112.jpgAll ethnic groups are united as one family

  On this day when the whole nation joins in the jubilation, the 56 ethnic groups are united as one family. The small venues form great unity. All the ethnic groups are helping one another and presenting the most sincere wish to the birthday of their mother country.

  During the seven days of the National Day, Lao Niu Childrens Discovery Museum expresses its best wishes to everyone through organizing these patriotic theme activities, hoping that our motherland could be stronger with better future!