National Poverty Alleviation Day | Assist in Targeted Poverty Alleviation, Lao Niu On the Move

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  During the 6th China Charity Fair theme “Focusing on Targeted Poverty Alleviation, Creating a Pleasant Life”, 789 institutions, 876 projects and 312 consumption products for poverty alleviation from 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities all over the country and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan took part in the exhibition, fully demonstrating social organizations execution in active participation in poverty alleviation and manifesting the good image of poverty alleviation, kindness tendency, and helping the poor with glory of the whole society.

  On Fight Poverty Through 2020 International Charity Summit, Zhan Chengfu, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Civil Affairs pointed out that the force of philanthropy is an important force in the construction of socialist modernization. The participation of social organizations, caring enterprises and good-hearted people in poverty alleviation is both the mission and responsibility of serving the country and society and the historical opportunity to participate in national strategy and manifesting social value.

  Since its inception, Lao Niu Foundation has taken poverty alleviation and disaster relief as one of its many fields of business. Over the years, the Foundation has responded to the call of the government, supported blind spots in the society and pain spots in poverty alleviation, conducted 73 charity projects including Able to See (Lao Niu Treatment Program for Poverty-stricken Cataract Patients), Able to Hear (Lao Niu Aiding Program for Poverty-stricken Deal Children), Stand Up (assemble artificial limb for people with lower limb disability), Able to Pass (Laoniu Bridge), Get Rich (Lao Niu Aiding Program for Poverty-stricken Mothers) and benefited a cumulative number of over 200,000 people with 204 Million public welfare expenditure.

  I will recover the sights of cataract patients through rehabilitation surgery; allow deaf children to hear the sounds of nature again through implanting artificial cochlea, allow people with lower limb disability to stand up through assembling artificial limbs, and help the orphans, disabled and the old and childless in Wenchuan Earthquake to regain the warmth of family and restore confidence in life through post-earthquake relief


  The “Lao Niu Aiding Program for Poverty-stricken Mothers” we conducted focuses on mothers. We act according to circumstances, choose projects in breeding industry, planting industry and handicraft industry with little investment, little risk and quick returns, and turns blood-transfusion poverty alleviation into blood-making poverty alleviation through financial support, health examination and scientific guidance, combine poverty alleviation with education and prompting ambition, and allow poverty-stricken mothers to mobilize their family to participate in labor and achieve the target of poverty alleviation and achieving prosperity.

   Over the five years, the poverty alleviation work in China has obtained remarkable achievement. However, from the perspective of the total quantity, there are still 30.46 Million poverty stricken populations in China and the average population for poverty alleviation reaches over 10 Million. In terms of structure, many of them are disabled persons, elderly persons of no family, sufferers of long-term illness and other special disadvantaged groups, as well as poverty-stricken people with low educational level, little skill and insufficient endogenous power. The task of poverty alleviation is still tough. The poverty alleviation of special disadvantaged groups still remains an arduous task and important challenge for the work of targeted poverty alleviation.

   October 17 is the fifth National Poverty Alleviation Day. We hope that all social organizations in China could act together, stick to the strategic deployment of targeted poverty alleviation, and contribute more social forces to improving peoples livelihood, winning the tough fight of poverty alleviation and building a moderately well-off society in an all-round way.