Explore Happiness Education | Denmark Academic Visit of Lao Niu Talent Cultivation Program for Preschool Teachers (Fifth Session)

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Separated as we are thousands of centimeters apart, we go by oneself as if by predestination and bring our dreams to Denmark;

We come to pursue further preschool education and there will be plenty of observation and experience;

We all practice and think and turn a bunch of waste into treasure;

There are rich and varied courses and we all enjoy the interaction and communication.

- Xue Jian, trainee of the fifth session

        From October 7 to 21 (Denmark Time), nearly 20 trainees from Beijing, Shanxi, Sichuan, Hubei, Henan, Inner Mongolia and other provinces and cities went into Denmark, the Kingdom of Fairy Tales, and stared the academic trip of Lao Niu Talent Cultivation Program for Preschool Children (the Fifth Session). Jia Lei, Director of the Secretariat, and Yang Jing, Project Manager of our Foundation, went deep into the frontline of the project and closely followed the project.

Lars Hoby, former Assistant to the Minister of Culture of Denmark, talking about the culture and history of Denmark

        In the 15-day training, the trainees explored the history and culture, learning and education system and tools of Denmark and visited Klemens Kindergarten and Forest Kindergarten. Through rich and color courses, the trainees personally experienced how Denmark integrated the educational concepts of respect and acceptance into details…

Lisa Van leading the trainees to experience the application of drama costume in education

Visiting Klemens Kindergarten

Visiting REMIDA CENTER and practicing the rebuilding and utilization of waste and crap in groups

        The 15-day learning is like a fairy tale. Let’s hear what the trainees feel and experience in the half month:

        The two-week learning is almost subversive and refreshed my thoughts and ideas again and again, lighting up a bright lamp in our hearts.

- Trainee Ding Yanmei

        Denmark is the country with the highest happiness index in the world, because the children here have been receiving great respect and acceptance since childhood. This educational mode brings more possibility to the children.

- Trainee Chen Xiaohong

        This academic trip makes me truly realize the exact meaning of western proverb “The essence of education is not to fill in the basket, but to light up the lamp”.

- Trainee Fang Hong

Project development meeting during breaks

Sharing by trainees

        Lao Niu Talent Cultivation Program for Preschool Teachers has been going on for five sessions. Nearly 100 preschool teachers and educational workers from over 10 provinces (municipalities/autonomous regions) including Beijing, Shenzhen, Shaanxi, Sichuan, Nanjing, Gansu, Shanxi and Inner Mongolia walked into Denmark, the Kingdom of Fairy Tales, and started a fairytale study trip. Through rich course design, the educational workers in China have broadened their horizon and truly witnessed the details in the school running of early childhood institutions in Denmark and deeply felt the concept of early childhood education in Denmark. Every trainee has been enlightened.