Dynamics of Management | Lei Yongsheng, Director General of our Foundation, Holds the Concurrent Post of the Deputy Secretary General of China Foundation Center

DATA:2018-10-30  Views:99

        On October 24, the Second Council Meeting of the Third Session of Beijing NGO R&D Center and China Foundation Center was convened in Beijing. Lei Yongsheng, Director General of our Foundation, attended the meeting as a Director of China Foundation Center.


       The meeting was chaired by Director General Lu Dezhi, attended by Directors Cheng Gang, Kang Xiaoguang, Lei Yongsheng, Li Jing, Peng Yanni, Qiu Zhonghui, Wang Xingzui, Yang Ping, Yao Xiaoxun and Supervisor Sun Chunmiao; Chen Yaofang, Zhang Fan, Jin Jinping and Wang Ning attended the meeting as nonvoting delegate.

        on the meeting, participants discussed matters regarding the resignation of Tao Ze as the President and Director and the resignation of Liu Xuanguo as the Supervisor, elected Lei Yongsheng and Qiu Zhonghui as the Deputy Director General, Chen Yaofang and Zhang Fang as the Director, Jin Jinping and Wang Ning as the Supervisor, Cheng Gang as the President, Ruan Kaili and Wang Lu as the Vice-president, and listened to and reviewed the work report, financial report and audit report.