Notes by Students of the Third Session of Lao Niu academy (III) | Experience of the Trainees

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How to Develop

“delicate philanthropy”?

Lao Niu Academy

Niu Class 3  Xie Jun

 From “Accurate demand” to “delicate project”

        From October 23 to 26, 2018, I took part in the Zhengzhou training course of Lao Niu Academy. The thing that impressed me most is: in the context of modern collaboration, participation, and common interests, it is imperative for social organizations to develop the “delicate philanthropy” suitable for themselves!

        As an old volunteer and newcomer in philanthropy, I mostly observed the industry as an outsider. When engaged in commercial projects in the past, I would first conduct market survey, then build project model, and ultimately implement large-scale execution and promotion. This is the basic requirement.

        Therefore, the first day I become a full-time worker in philanthropy, I asked myself to “solve real demands, rather than creating them” when designing public welfare programs. We’ve always wanted to do “small and beautiful” delicate public welfare programs, because not all teams and projects are appropriate for being “large and comprehensive”.

        In order for a project to become delicate, we need to find “accurate demand”, provide suitable solution, and optimize the project according to the feedbacks from the beneficiaries. For instance, the District Level Community Service Center of Guancheng Hui District we visited is actually a really delicate project that truly achieves the linkage between big data on the internet and community data, which has become the core competitiveness of the service center.

We should “settle down” and race with time and the industry

        In the era of internet+, it’s possible for everything to have N times effect and light-speed development. Unlike ordinary commercial projects, what we provide in public welfare projects are “products with value and warmth”. Therefore, we need “stay true to the mission, have a loving heart and be mindful”. Most of the time, we need abandon modern conveniences and do the things and projects and serve a group of people with concentrated attention. Apart from using our hands and brain, it’s also important to do things from the bottom of our heart. Like business projects, the good ones are usually the longest-running ones.

Social innovation is the way to promote everyone to try and build “delicate project”

        As far as I’m concerned, social innovation is a kind of means and method for us to try and improve our ability in building “delicate project”. We can’t lower the requirements for the occupation simply because we are in it. The future must be an era with elaborate division of labor in the industry and PK of professional skills. On that path, the only thing we can do is to improve our professional abilities.

        Mr. Ma Qingyu talked about the new pattern of social governance featuring collaboration, participation, and common interests; Mr. Dou Ruigang mentioned the function of social organization in new type of social governance, Mr. Shangguan Liqing talked about charitable trust; Mr. Qiu Zhonghui talked about internal governance and external governance; Mr. Chen Xingjia talked about promoting policy and industry development; Mr. Shen Dongshu mentioned the cross-border integration of social innovation; all these are aiming at guiding social organizations to improve their professional abilities in the big picture. Only with professional abilities, can we build “delicate projects” and become indispensable and efficient link in the industry.