Lao Niu Foundation Invited to Participate in the 2nd World Forum on Ecosystem Governance

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  “I was really filled with emotions and learned a lot after attending such a meeting. Participants of the forum come from all over the world. Most of them are great scientists and experts. We all understand what the foreigner (Dr. Juha Siikamäki, Chief Scientist of IUCN) said and its exactly what happened in our village (turning desert into oasis, improving ecological environment and living standard). I didnt expect that there are so many other places like our village around the world. I welcome friends from all over the world to come and visit our village and see how we turn impossible into possible.

——Feeling of Yang Shuantao, Secretary of Baiyantu Village,Horinger County, Inner Mongolia, member of the sharing team of Lao Niu Carbon Sink Forest

  From November 4-7, the 2nd World Forum on Ecosystem Governance, co-sponsored by National Forestry and Grassland Administration, International Union for Conservation of Nature and Hangzhou Municipal Government, was held in Hangzhou. Over 300 experts and scholars from all over the world and the field of environmental protection and development of the authoritative institutions of the United Nations and government officials attended this forum.

  The forum centered on three major themes, namely “natural capital and gross ecosystem product (GEP), urban and rural ecosystem governance, and the innovation and social participation of ecosystem governance, and discussed ecosystem governance in the forms of conference address, high-end dialog and group discussion at global, national and district level. In addition to this, Asia-Pacific Network for Sustainable Forest Management and Rehabilitation and Renmin University of China convened Youth Leader Sub-forum to contribute ideas and exert efforts for jointly promoting global sustainable development and the development of ecological civilization.

1547257777488410.jpgSun Kaiping, Master student of ecology from Tsinghua University, sharing experience of ecological research on Lao Niu Carbon Sink Forest

1547257828822122.jpgAn Yaqiang, Secretary General of our Foundation, responding to related questions

  On Youth Leader Sub-forum, An Yaqiang, Secretary General of our Foundation, and Liu Xuehua, Associate Professor from the School of Environment and Director of the Institute of Ecology of Tsinghua University, Sun Kaiping, Master student of Ecology, and Yang Shuantao, Secretary of Baiyantu Village, Horinger County, Inner Mongolia, formed project sharing team, which shared the patterns and results of ecological restoration in arid and semi-arid regions in Inner Mongolia to teams from Peking University, Renmin University of China, Zhejiang University, Shanxi University and Beijing Forestry University from the perspectives of ecological research experiences of the students, personal experiences of beneficiaries in the communities and the background and objective for the donor to initiate the project with Lao Niu Carbon Sink Forest” project as the case.

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  On high-end dialog, Secretary General An shared Lao Niu Foundations relevant work on ecosystem governance, hoping to participate in ecosystem governance and promote the construction of ecological civilization together with all sectors of the society.