Project Dynamics | The Three Begets All Things of the World, All Things are Still Growing – Third Anniversary of China Global Philanthropy Institute

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  In November 2015, five philanthropists from China and USA, Bill Gates, Co-chair of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Ray Dalio, Chief Invetment Officer of Bridgewater Associates and Director of Beijing Dalio Public Welfare Foundation, Niu Gensheng, founder and Honorary President of our Foundation, He Qiaonv, Director of Beijing Qiaonv Charity Foundation and Ye Qingjun, the Honorary President of Zhejiang Dunhe Foundation, jointly proposed and established China Global Philanthropy Institute.

  In the three years since its inception, the institute has formed its own characteristic teaching content and teaching mode within the industry, preliminarily established the course system of the knowledge of the good, conducted various kinds of activities like raging fire, and obtained unanimous praise in the industry.

  On the occasion of the third anniversary of China Global Philanthropy Institute, Lao Niu Foundation wishes the institute a happy birthday, hoping it can scale new heights and make more contribution to the promoting the development of Chinese and world philanthropy.

Article source: China Global Philanthropy Institute

Remain true to our original aspiration

Keep our mission firmly in mind

  Since its inception in 2015, China Global Philanthropy Institute, with joint efforts from all the colleagues, has achieved good performance in terms of teaching, research, international cooperation and project expansion and obtained unanimous praise from domestic and foreign partners.



  Through three-year repeated practice, China Global Philanthropy Institute has formed four major products of philanthropic education, including GPL, EMP, special certification course and public education course, covering various requirements and developed nearly 100 academic and practical tutors. The courses system of “the knowledge of the good covering the fields of public welfare management, public welfare humanities, public welfare finance and family inheritance has taken initial shape and provided effective support for teaching.

1547258920473177.jpgGPL2017 Cohort & the Launch of China Philanthropy Initiative Ceremony

1547258931107407.jpgPast and present: students of the first EMP and the opening of EMP2018 Spring Class (9th session)

1547258951604295.jpgBill Gates, one of the sponsors of the institute, signing on the gift donated by CGPI schoolfellow

  All kinds of special courses, such as EMP-SEE, EMP East China EMP Course, are conducted like raging fire, providing training services to different fields and regions; special training courses like senior seminar on public-welfare financial leader, China-US Next Generation Philanthropy Partnership (NGPP), Xiangbai Program” that focuses on community foundation development, and Jinhui Engineering that focuses on micro-finance and poverty alleviation, have gradually their advantages in their fields.

1547259194872727.jpgOpening ceremony of the first Public Welfare Management East China Class

1547259208380400.jpgCustomized Class of Jinhui Engineering (3rd Session)Jishan Ruian Capacity Building Training Course, customized course for China Welfare Fund for the Handicapped

1547259227793419.jpgAlxa SEE Public Welfare Finance Training Class

1547259244425584.jpgCustomized class for Hubei Charity Federation

1547259258592805.jpgPublic Welfare Finance Leadership Camp


Next Generation Business & Philanthropy Partnership


Xiangbai Progra

1547259305141746.jpgThe Course of Public Toilet Design and Toilet Education at School

Lecturer: Junko Kobayashi, Vice-president of Japan Toilet Association

  Since its inception in January 2017, Philanthropy Online Academy ( has been dedicated to building the system of knowledge of the good that supports the high development of public welfare industry in China. With 8-15-minute online courses as the main carriers, the website fully mobilizes the fragmented time of modern people, builds a learning platform for all that popularizes general public welfare knowledge, strengthens public welfare awareness and passes on professional practical skills of public welfare, and builds the most complete and most influential online public welfare education platform for college students, volunteers, parents, enterprise employees and the public through special column for experts, series of courses, offline workshops and reading parties.

  Up to now, Philanthropy Online Academy has 17,500 cumulated online registered students. The platform has also established Action Love Alliance with over 200 members, released over 170 courses and videos with over 2,000 class hours, specially invited over 100 lecturers and gained 870,000 person-times of online learning page view.


  After three years development, China Global Philanthropy Institute has reached 10 Million in the scale of its annual scholarship and cumulatively benefited over 300 person-times. Apart from the scholarship that benefits multiple EMP projects, including Wenya Scholarship, China Global Philanthropy Institute is also actively expanding and developing ELP Scholarship, Mercator Scholarship, EMP-IEP Intensive English Program and various kinds of international scholarships, and helping partners in the industry to learn advanced experiences, improving language competence and promoting industrial upgrading in the USA and Europe.

1547259367305740.jpgEMP-ELP Executive Leadership Program

1547259377358454.jpgEMP-ELP Executive Leadership Program

1547259387128798.jpgEMP-PLP Philanthropic Leadership Program: China-Europe


EMP-IEP Intensive English Program


  Since its inception in 2015, China Global Philanthropy Institute has cultivated 54 philanthropic leaders, 400 senior management personnel, and over 2,500 backbones of the industry; general education course has benefited over 10,000 person times through offline classrooms and lectures, forming alumni network with the widest coverage and the greatest influence in the field of philanthropy. Actions by the alumni have also made a big difference. Little Public Charity + project by alumni of China Global Philanthropy Institute has received the gold award in 2017 Public Welfare Project Contest; Love Reading Rainbow Program project has received China Charity Award; GPL student Dong Fangjun and You Zhonghui promised to donate over half of their assets to philanthropy and became the signer of Giving Pledge.


Mr. Gill Gates meeting the students at the headquarters of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

(Group photo between Ms. You Zhonghui/Mr. Dong Fangjun and Bill Gates)

1547259510766955.jpgCGPI Alumni Association

1547259527977165.jpgCGPI Philanthropy Seminar and Jingshi Philanthropy Seminar

1547259545115850.jpgCGPI Public Master Class included on Philanthropy Online Academy

  In three years, there are cumulatively 34840 original and forwarded media reports on the two institutes; as of November 12, 2018, the number of media reports on the two institutes in 2018 is increased by 568.84% compared with that in 2016. On WeChat platform, the cumulated times of view have reached 627081 and the highest times of view in single day have reached 58280. In 2018, the number of fans on WeChat platform has increased by 280.81%. The times of view of multiple hot topics, including #Global Philanthropists in Action#, #Calling For Mission-oriented Public Welfare Talents#, and #Eliminate Poverty, Sustainable Development of Man and Nature#, released on microblog platform have exceed 1 million and the highest times of view has reached 4.436 Million. Philanthropy Salon has been held for nine sessions. Among them, the viewers of No Business, No Philanthropy have exceeded 180,000 and the viewers of Secrets for Discussion on Internet Fundraising 99 Philanthropy Day have exceeded 192,000. Philanthropy Salon is also actively exploring local activities, with Hangzhou as the first station. It has also established partnership with Chongqing Charity Federation and local official media and launched Center for the Promotion and Development of Philanthropy Brands in Chongqing.


  In terms of international exchange, China Global Philanthropy Institute and East-West Philanthropy Forum have successfully held two sessions of Philanthropy Leaders Summit and one Sustainable Development Summit, and jointly organized Eliminate Poverty, Sustainable Development of Man and Nature Summit Forum with Ningxia Yanbao Charity Foundation. On September 1, 2016, Obama, the then President of the United States, addressed at the Sustainable Development Summit of the First East-West Philanthropy Forum, calling for joint action to tackle climate change and environmental protection together.


East-West Philanthropy Forum

  In September 2018, China Global Philanthropy Institute and Xie Zhenhua, Special Representative on Climate Change Affairs, jointly initiated, participated in and coordinated “Global Climate Action Initiative”. Michael Bloomberg, former mayor of New York and the United Nations Special Envoy on Climate Change, was invited and officially held the post of the co-chairman of the initiative on Global Climate Summit.

1547259628338057.jpgGlobal Climate Summit

  In October 2018, CGPI and Rockefeller Brothers Fund jointly prepared and designed Climate Change and Marine Protection Series of Training Courses for Chinese Philanthropists, making joint efforts to building the exchange platform and international cooperation platform for philanthropists on climate change and marine protection.

  At present, China Global Philanthropy Institute has signed strategic memorandum of cooperation with INCU, TNC, AVPN and other famous international organizations, and invited Mr. Soichiro Fukutake, Honorary Advisor, former Chairman and CEO of Benesse Holdings and Director General of Fukutake Consortium (legal person of public welfare consortium), Mr. Romano Prodi, former Prime Minister of Italy and former President of European Commission, Prince Marx of the Principality of Liechtenstein, and Mr. Thomas Kaplan, founder of famous wildlife conservation organization “Panthera”, to serve as the master of philanthropy of China Global Philanthropy Institute.

1547259658906722.jpgInviting Mr. Soichiro Fukutake, Director General of Fukutake Consortium (legal person of public welfare consortium) to serve as the master of philanthropy of CGPI


Inviting Mr. Romano Prodi, former President of European Commission

to serve as the master of philanthropy of CGPI

1547259691671424.jpgInviting Prince Marx of the Principality of Liechtenstein to serve as the master of philanthropy of CGPI

1547259714123212.jpgInviting Mr. Thomas Kaplan, founder of famous wildlife conservation organization “Panthera” to serve as the master of philanthropy of CGPI


  In terms of finance, the institute has successively held two sessions of Global Social Finance Forum and Impact Investment Forum, which established Xiangmi Lake Consensus with over 120 participating institutions all over the country. 

1547259854252123.jpgThe First Global Social Finance Forum & the Second High-end Dialog of Social Finance

  In order to drive social finance innovation and promote the mode of donor advised fund, the institute established China DAF Charity Foundation in cooperation with Zhong Lun Law Firm and held the first Forum on Donor-advised Fund to promote the inheritance of charity property, stimulate the motivation of donors and promote convenient charitable donation with innovation.

1547259875714757.jpgInauguration Ceremony of the China DAF Charity Foundation


  The projects developed by the institute include the strategic planning project entrusted by China Sports Foundation, China Inclusive Finance Education Jinhui Engineering International Demonstrative Evaluation Project entrusted by China Foundation for Development of Financial Education, public welfare poverty alleviation case set project entrusted by the State Council Leading Group Office of Poverty Alleviation and Development, Digital Empowerment of SHE CAN Women Entrepreneurs entrusted by UN Women's Office and other public consulting and evaluation projects. The Philanthropy Transparency Self-examination System jointly developed by the institute and PricewaterhouseCoopers has received unanimous praise from the industry. 

  By relying on the advantages of the reform and opening-up and pilot policies in Shenzhen, Shenzhen Research Center on Social Policies has conducted multiple researches and consulting works in the fields of community foundation construction, social development and policy and launched Xiangbai Program, the first senior research and studies program for the cultivation of professional managers for model community foundation, established the platform of innovation and research for community governance, and promoted establishing a social governance model based on collaboration, participation and common interests.

1547259956398216.jpgRelease of Technology for Philanthropy Under the Sustainable Development Goals Report


Upper left: strategic planning project of China Sports Foundation

Lower left: Digital Empowerment of SHE CAN Women Entrepreneurs entrusted by UN Women's Office

Upper right and lower right: Guide to Transparency by PricewaterhouseCoopers and Philanthropy Transparency Self-examination System


Subsidized by Yuting Foundation, Research Center for Toilet Culture of the Institute organized the investigation of toilets in Japan

1547260008620432.jpgResearch Center for Toilet Culture and expert team

Conducting preliminary investigation and survey on the design of public toilets in Futian District, Shenzhen

  The Tao De Ching says one begets two, two begets three, and three begets all things. After three years development, the organizational structure of the institute is gradually stabilized. The course system has gradually taken shape, forming relatively complete working mechanism and mode. After everything is born, the institute will continue to actively expand in the field of philanthropy, forge ahead with determination, and play an active role in the cultivation of public welfare talents, in the promotion of public welfare industry, in the development of social construction and in the promotion of modern civilization.


Thanks for your company all the way.

1547260069664324.jpg1547260074681838.jpgBirthday party of the third anniversary in Shenzhen Campus

1547260093557390.jpgBirthday party of the third anniversary in Beijing Office

  On November 12, the two institutes hosted the 8th and the 9th Philanthropy Salon to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of the institute,Views of the 9th live broadcast online reached 137,000 person times.


Blessing from the colleagues on business trip to China Education Innovation Expo in Zhuhai


The peach and the plum do not speak, yet a path is born beneath them.

The future will be more wonderful!