Dynamics of Management | Director General Lei Yongsheng Attended 2018 China Foundation Transparency Index (FTI) Launch Event and Foundation Transparency Seminar

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On the morning of December 12, 2018 China Foundation Transparency Index (FTI) Launch Event and Foundation Transparency Seminar sponsored by China Foundation Center was held in Beijing. Lei Yongsheng, Director General of our Foundation, accepted the invitation and witnessed the release of FTI and conducted in-depth discussion on self-discipline and transparency of the industry with leaders from Beijing Federation of Social Science Circles, experts and scholars from Tsinghua University, Peking University and Renmin University of China, and representatives from international organizations and media.



On the seminar, Director General Lei shared his experience of the transparency of family foundation and said:

Transparency has two levels of meaning: one is the transparency in legal sense, namely to disclose everything perfectly according to laws and regulations, rules and industry practices; the other is transparency of the society and public stereotypes and I call them impression transparency and brand transparency”. Although the transparency in legal sense is important, public stereotypes and brand transparency should not be ignored.

The transparency of family foundation is relatively simple. First of all, I think its inborn; secondly, its something conscious; furthermore, operation mode will also lead to different public impression. For families with all family members engaged in foundation, its better to have the family members participate in the activities and hire professional management team to run the foundation. In this way, the foundation will be more transparent among the public.

    Wang Ming, Dean of Tsinghua University NGO Research Center, Kang Xiaoguang, President of China institute for Philanthropy and Social Innovation, Renmin University of China, Jin Jinping, Director of the Center for Nonprofit Organizations Law, Peking University Law School, Wang Xingzui, Vice President of the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, Fan Ying, Secretary General of Beijing Green & Shine Foundation, Lu Dezhi, Chairman of China Foundation Center and Chairman of Huamin Charity Foundation, and other guests also shared their understanding and experience of the self-discipline and transparency of the industry and quoted a lot of familiar and brilliant words.