“Gensheng Home of Love” Boosts the Development of Old-age Care in Jiangyou

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  Also known as Li Bais hometown, portal to Jiuzhai, throat of the Sichuan Road, poetry city of China, Youjiang is located in the northwest of Sichuan Province. As a picturesque famous historical and cultural city, Youjiang is also one of the regions most severely affected by Wenchuan Earthquake ten years ago. 

  After ten years vicissitudes of time, the changes here are world-shaking and encouraging. Gensheng Home of Love Welfare House donated by our Foundation effectively helps orphans, the old and childless, and the disabled. Through helping the orphans in their study, helping the old and childless in their medical treatment and helping the disabled in their rehabilitation, the welfare house helps them to regain the warmth of home when they feel helpless and helps them through the toughest time.


  After ten years’ time, the children have gradually grown to manhood and the old are living a peaceful life in old age here, with place to live and looked after properly. As the domestic first welfare house donated and funded by public interest organization, Gensheng Home of Love has not only completed the mission of providing targeted help to 100 of these three kinds of people. In the continuous development, it has also provided day care and elderly care service for the neediest old people in the surrounding areas. 


  In early 2018, Notice Regarding the Implementation Plan of the Pilot Work of Elderly Care Service System Construction in Rural Areas printed by Mianyang Municipal Peoples Government confirmed the pilot program to actively explore the new path for regional elderly care service. As one of the pilots for elderly care service in Mianyang, Gensheng Home of Love Welfare House responds to the call of the government and takes the lead in targeting the needs for elderly care service in communities by centering on the target of building regional elderly care service center in rural areas, strengthens standard management, adds service facilities, and increases entertainment and health services, allowing the aged to get along with the disabled. The welfare house gives full play to the pattern of providing elderly care with mutual-support, provides home-based elderly care without the company of relatives to old people in the facility, and practically solves the challenge of family care.


  Relying on existing nursing institutions for the aged, Youjiang will establish 21 day care centers and 18 rural happy houses, covering 72 villages and 34,000 people. At present, with Youjiang Gensheng Home of Love as the pilot, service stations for the aged and community service centers for the aged in surrounding areas will be established in succession to further promote the development of regional old-age care in Youjiang.