Lao Niu Foundation and Laoniu Brother & Sister Foundation Participated in China Foundation Forum

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  On November 22, China Foundation Forum 2018 Annual Meeting with the theme “Pick the Decade  Social Transition and Foundation in China was opened Suzhou, Jiangsu Province. Over one thousand public welfare activists from all over the country gathered at Suzhou to cooperate in this grand event of public welfare together. In the two-day activity, over 80 domestic and foreign cross-industry experts and scholars and over 1000 honored guests exchanged views and thoughts and regained their original intention in public welfare and enhanced their confidence on the path by centering on the ecology of foundation industry in social transformation. Wang Yonghong, Deputy Director General, and An Yaqiang, Secretary General of our Foundation led the team to participate in the exchange and study on this forum; Niu Ben, Director General of Beijing Laoniu Brothers & Sisters Foundation, attended the parallel forum and delivered a keynote speech


  In the morning of the 23rd, 16 parallel forums with rich themes and wide coverage were held on the site of the forum.

  Among them, Director General An Yaqiang, Zhang Li, Secretary General of Alxa SEE Foundation, Du Yongsheng, Director General of China Green Carbon Foundation, and Dong Ce, Deputy Director General and Secretary General of Beijing Qiaonyu Foundation, attended Environmental Grantmaking in Social Transformation and the 1st China Environmental Grantmakers Alliance (CEGA) Forum and discussed on issues regarding “environmental protection and tackling global climate change as representatives of the member units of CEGA.


  In the meantime, 2018 Environmental Grantmakers Alliance CEGA Report was also released in this part of the forum. The report analyzed the main fields of environmental grantmaking in China and shared CEGA grantmakers judgment on the tendency of future environmental grantmaking; the report also included relevant content on the development of the work of current environmental public service organizations, cases, analysis of domestic environmental policies and overview of international environmental treaties.


  Established on January 29, 2018, CEGA (China Environmental Grantmakers Alliance) is a platform of exchange and cooperation for environmental grantmakers in China. Current members of the alliance include Lao Niu Foundation, Alxa SEE Foundation, Beijing Qiaonyu Foundation, Mangrove Wetland Conservation Foundation, Harmony Community Foundation, Paradise Foundation, Vanke Foundation, China Green Carbon Foundation, China Environmental Protection Foundation, Friends of Nature Foundation, and Alibaba Foundation. Lei Yongsheng, Director General of our Foundation and Zhang Li, Secretary General of Alxa SEE Foundation are the first co-chairs of CEGA.

  Moreover, Niu Ben, Director General of Laoniu Brothers & Sisters Foundation, made a speech on the theme inheritance and innovation of family philanthropy on the parallel forum how should new entrepreneurs do charity after 10 years history in civil philanthropy; later in the roundtable discussion, the participants expressed their views and thoughts on issues regarding how can entrepreneurs better carry out charity activities in the transformation period of public welfare in the new environment and new philanthropy with new generation? How can new philanthropy better connect with traditional philanthropy?”



  Through this years forum on foundation development, cross-industry experts and scholars at home and abroad looked back at the past 10 years and gave reins to their thoughts on the next 10 years and discussed the ecology of foundation industry in social transformation together.