Laoniu Philanthropy Classroom | Sharing on The Richard Rockefeller Fellowship

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On December 28, the 12th Laoniu Philanthropy Classroom started. In this session, we invited three sharing guests, namely Tong Ning, Liu Qingyu and Li Aoma, trainees from the previous two sessions of the Richard Rockefeller Fellowship, to share their experience and gains from participating The Richard Rockefeller Fellowship from different perspectives.

Tong Ning started from the perspective of family philanthropy, introduced the status of family philanthropy in the United States, compared domestic and foreign family foundations, and shared the inherence and path of family philanthropy of the centennial foundation. Liu Qingyu mainly introduced relevant content of impact investment, introduced the basic conditions of some family foundations of impact investment, and shared Rockefeller Brothers Fund’s investment strategy in this regard; Li Aoma took the Belt and Road and Chinese philanthropy as the entry points and shared the understanding of the Belt and Road in the United States, as well as how should Chinese philanthropy go abroad, effectively draw lessons from international experience and promote the sustainable development in China under such policy environment.

In the stage of interactive discussion, everyone actively expressed their opinions. They proposed issues regarding the specific operation of impact investment, how should family foundation effectively conduct internal governance in various branch foundations and how to effectively inherit the concept and culture of family philanthropy. Based on their own knowledge and understanding, the three sharing guests provided answers to the trainees one by one.

This session of Laoniu Philanthropy Classroom was strongly supported by Beijing Laoniu Brothers & Sisters Foundation. Representatives from Teenagers Social Work Services Center, Inner Mongolia, Hohhot Foundation for Poverty Alleviation and other institutions actively participated in the training.

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The Richard Rockefeller Fellowship is subsidized and supported by Rockefeller Brothers Foundation, Laoniu Brothers & Sisters Foundation and members of the Rockefeller Family. The program aims at carrying forward the concept of heritage of Richard through subsidizing the growing philanthropic leaders in China and developing the skills, knowledge and connection complementary to its local practical experience and promoting the philanthropy in China.